• Interestingly, Zippy almost sounds like the Batman villain Harley Quinn (no surprise, as Grey DeLisle also voiced Harley in one of the Batman video games) with some hints of Edith Bunker in her personality.
  • Strangely, after Mom-A-Geddon, Zippy does not tell Bird Brain to fly if he believes.
  • Zippy seems incapable of flying while holding stuff, yet a few episodes show that she can still fly with one or no wings.
  • In Thunder Dog, it is said that Zippy is the one who hired Owl and Bat, not Bird Brain.
  • In Booby Trap, Zippy sounds much more different than usual and has shown a bit of intellect by suggesting Bird Brain to use his new status as an extinct species in order to gain immunity against T.U.F.F.
  • Zippy does not appear in episodes where Bird Brain teams up with Verminious Snaptrap or The Chameleon, nor did she appear in The Doomies.
  • Zippy has a similarity to Sakyubas from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger & Power Rangers SPD.
  • Zippy reappears in Season 2 along with Owl and Bat in Monkey Business. Along with Duck and Ewe, Bird Brain's new henchmen.

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