Gender: Female
Eye color:       Purple
Species: Hummingbird
Personal Information
  Bird Brain
  Evil assistant
  Evil Lair Hill, Petropolis, CA
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Snapnapped (intro, non-speaking cameo)
Mom-A-Geddon (first speaking role)
Voiced by:
Grey DeLisle

Emanuela Pacotto (Italian Dub)

You're doing it, sir! You're really flying all on your own!”
Zippy, Mom-a-Geddon

Zippy is a hummingbird that acts as Bird Brain's partner in crime. She is always trying to encourage Bird Brain that he can fly on his own as long as he believes. In Thunder Dog, she annoys Bird Brain a lot with her new catchphrase. She was the one who hired Bat and Owl. Zippy doesn't seem evil, so it is unknown why she is working with Bird Brain.


Zippy's head is blue with three feathers on top, and she has purple eyes. The rest of her body is magenta / pink.


Bird Brain

She is the assistant of Bird Brain. He appears to like her.

Owl and Bat

She hired them as new assistants for Bird Brain.

Ewe and Duck

It is unknown if she had anything to do with them becoming assistants.

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