The Young Gun.

The Young Gun is an experimental weapon that makes an appearance in the episode "Pup Daddy". It is supposed to alter age. Since Keswick is still testing it out, it is rather unpredictable. Dudley tries using it to make a slice of pizza fresh again, but the blast refracts off the disco ball and hits Kitty, The Chief, Keswick, and Snaptrap, turning them all into adolescents. They keep on growing younger until they grow into their infancy. Dudley is able to fix the problem by shooting the gun at another disco ball, changing them all back to normal before they are reduced to nothing.


  • The Young Gun is shaped like a baby bottle. Its two known settings are "Teenager" and "Oldies".


  • Dudley is the only main character who hasn't been hit by the ray.

Gallery of characters that were affected by the Young Gun

Kitty Katswell

The Chief


Verminious Snaptrap, Francisco, Ollie and Larry


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