Wolf Spitzer

Wolf Spitzer is Petropolis' local news reporter, like Dorothy Camel, who works for KPET News. Not much is really known about him, but he is known to willingly get the scoop on possibly anyone, even villains such as Snaptrap. During Bagel and the Beast, he is revealed to have a wife and daughter, who both use microphones like him. He is voiced by Daran Norris.



  • He is a parody of CNN reporter, Wolf Blitzer. Aside from the name, he also has a white muzzle that resembles his namesake's beard.
  • In the end credits for Iron Mutt, which was his first appearance, his name was spelled as Wolf Spritzer. Why it was changed to Wolf Spitzer in later episodes is unknown.
  • Dudley shook him up in excitement in Quack in the Box.
  • Both Dudley and Snaptrap stole random food from him in Lie Like a Dog.
  • Dudley has a lot of trouble saying his name. In Quack in the Box, he calls him "Witch Spitzner."
  • This is his first time in Quack in the Box with Snaptrap striking an action pose.
  • Despite being a wolf, which are naturally resistant to most cold climates, but in Hot Dog, he is seen shivering and freezing cold while broadcasting a news report, and also needed winter essentials to keep warm.
  • In the Swedish dub, the character's name is Ulf Spetshund (which means Ulf Spitz).


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