The Weasel with Dudley Puppy and Verminious Snaptrap.

The Weasel is a villain who first appeared in Pup Goes the Weasel.

The Weasel is a super diabolical villain. He targeted Dudley Puppy (who had placed him in prison in an earlier encounter) and Verminious Snaptrap (who once impersonated him) prompting Kitty Katswell to pose as their mother at The Chief's version of the safe house. He did various attempts at Dudley and Snaptrap's lives which even included the one where he went straight and gave them a jack-in-a-box bomb. After that attempt, both Dudley and Kitty found The Weasel's house and were able to defeat him. The Weasel was imprisoned and became a cellmate of Snaptrap who was also arrested for looting The Weasel's house.

In Tourist Trap, he's escaped from prison and this time he wants to get another revenge. He traps Kitty and Mr. Snuggletrap (which turns out to be Snaptrap's talking plush doll) and heads down to Hawaii. Dudley and Snaptrap wins a vacation to Hawaii and they both tried to stop The Weasel for kidnapping Kitty and the plush doll themselves before it's too late. He was arrested again by Dudley and Snaptrap as both Kitty and Mr. Snuggletrap are rescued.

He is voiced by Jeff Bennett.


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