• The Snaptraps Coffee logo looks like the Starbucks Coffee logo, but with Snaptrap's face instead of the siren.
  • Kitty is the second person to steal/ate a doughnut from Dudley, the first being Snaptrap in Snap Dad.
  • Apparently, The Chief takes ballet classes.
  • We learn that The Chief always blinks when his picture is taken.
  • It is possible that Dudley went back to the time before T.U.F.F. began, but there is one fact dismisses this completely: according to the episode Internal Affairs, when The Chief was young, T.U.F.F.  already existed, and at that time it is very unlikely that Kitty, Keswick or Snaptrap were born to be a very distant time for their births.
  • The SBC logo is similar to the NBC logo.
  • This is one of a few episodes where Dudley get injured a lot and the other doesn't.
  • Bob's Big Rat could be a parody of the Bob's Big Boy fast-food restaurant. It even says "Home of the cheeseless cheeseburger" to affiliate with Snaptrap's cheese allergy.
  • Oddly Specific Rules: No wearing no pants while talking in slow-motion and holding shiny objects; no talking about alternate worlds while not wearing pants.
  • Before the game show in the Snaptrap-ruled Petropolis, there is a logo that strongly resembles the NBC peacock logo from 1986, but it says SBC instead of NBC and Snaptrap is on it instead of a peacock. The "S" likely stands for Snaptrap (Snaptrap Broadcasting Company?).
  • Look closely: The newspaper about Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, and The Chief says "Blah, blah, blah, etc." It also says at the top that the newspaper is called "The Paper".
  • In the alternative universe where Snaptrap rules, The Chief is a butler, Keswick is a nugget chef, and Kitty is a secretary.
  • This is the second episode where Dudley wears pants; the first time was in Puppy Love.
  • When secretary Kitty throws Dudley, she says Dudley's trademark phrase "Hi-Gee-Gee!", which Keswick also said in Dog Daze.
  • Alternative Kitty says that she doesn't have a violent bone in her body, yet she still throws Dudley into the wall.
  • Kitty glasses looks almost exactly like Tootie's glasses from the Butch Hartman other show The Fairly OddParents.
  • Painting References: The following are references found in the episode that reference to real-life works of art:
    • 1. Michelangelo's Creation of Adam ceiling fresco (with a cut-out of Snaptrap's face imposed over Adam's face) found in the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City is seen on the wall when Dudley and the Chief meet in Snaptrap's palace. God is left out in the painting, but God's hand where his fingers nearly touch Adam's is seen. But in the next scene if you look closely at Adam's face. The cut-out of Snaptrap's face was gone, leaving Adam's face visible.
    • 2. Jacques-Louis David's Napoleon Crossing the Alps is seen in the conference room where we encounter Kitty and Snaptrap. Once again, a cut-out of Snaptrap's face is attached over Napoleon's.
  • This episode shows Kitty without her spy jacket for the first time.
  • Despite Snaptrap having more power than ever before, Larry is still working for him and hanging out with the others.
  • According to a comment the Chief made, Dudley apparently has a habit of opening doors with his head.
  • The plot of Dudley going back in time but messing up the present is similar to what Danny Fenton does in the Danny Phantom episode "Masters of All Time".

Running Gags

  • Oddly specific rules.
  • Snaptrap stepping on the Chief.
  • Snapbots telling Dudley that he's not wearing pants.
  • Snapbots interrupting themselves by yelling beep.
  • Keswick making things that only spit out acid.


  • In the beginning of the episode, Dudley and Kitty are racing to eat the last chocolate doughnut. When in real life, dogs and cats cannot eat chocolate because it is potentially poisonous to them.
  • In this episode, Keswick said that all of his inventions spit-out acid, yet in other episodes, they didn't.

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