• Kitty: [after parking her motorcycle in the elevator] "Sorry, Dudley. But we all know that there's one chocolate covered doughnut in the break room, and that doughnut is MINE!"
    Dudley: "Wrong, Kitty! Because you're going down to level six: [presses button] Non-reserved Visitor Parking!"
    Kitty: "NOOOOOO-" [cut off by doors closing]
  • Dudley: "SHINY THING!"
  • Keswick: "Why did I even invent a waffle iron that spits acid? [to Dudley] Good thing I'm on your side."
  • The Chief: "Bad news, everyone. We made the front page for capturing Snaptrap."
    Keswick: "What's bad about that?"
    Dudley: [in slow motion] "NOOOOOOOOOOO..."
    The Chief: "Look at the picture! I blinked! [closeup of the Chief blinking] I always blink!"
  • Dudley: "It's just like 2nd grade!"
  • Dudley: "I wanna go back to 2nd grade. I'll know all the answers!"
  • Snapbot: "Freeze citizen, BEEP!"
  • Dudley: "Excuse me." (points to alley, lies) "Uh, there's a pantsless lady dog back there talking in slow-motion to a shiny object." (bows)
  • The Chief: This is terrible! (Seeing himself in the newspaper) why do I always blink?
    • Snapbot: "Thanks for the tip citizen. Beep!" (hovers off into alley; Dudley follows the robot and beats it up)
  • Snaptrap: "As ruler of Snaptrapolis, I order you to surrender!"
    Dudley: "Yeah? Well, as a pantsless dog, I order you into the shark tank!" [tosses Snaptrap into shark tank]
    Snaptrap: [being eaten by sharks] "I like my order better."

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