Okay so here's an even shorter rundown of this post's timeline.

  • You Pick the Premieres happens
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy is on a winning streak, we have hopes that it'll win the next poll and I make a blogpost asking everyone to "vote"
  • In fact, we're sure because Nick kept putting the winner in the future TV guides
  • It doesn't win like we expected and Planet Sheen premieres
  • Everyone rages
  • I edited the first blogpost over time
  • Matt eventually comes up with a real cool bro-tier story about TP getting 734,671 votes or something compared to Planet Sheen getting like 134 votes
  • Like the gullible sheep we were, we believed him
  • I make a pretty sensationalistic blogpost is made with rather demanding requests from yours truly asking Nick to air the shows that "lost"; "on the same day, INCLUDING Doom & Gloom" and asking "Who's with me?"
  • This event goes down in T.U.F.F. wiki history as the most embarrassing moment of the Great T.U.F.F. Drought Of 2011

So yeah that's pretty much it.

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