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{C Hey, guys, WonderKat here! I was just thinking, why doesn't this wiki have any userboxes? Well, now they're here!

Userbox dudley This user is a fan of Dudley Puppy.

What I want you guys to do is to suggest some userbox ideas! 1 rule, though - it has to be related to TUFF Puppy. If it's like a favorite show or something, you'll have to wait. I haven't really figured out how templates work...

My list of ideas -

Favorite Characters

Userbox Kitty This user is a fan of Kitty Katswell.
Userbox Keswick This user is a fan of Keswick.
Userbox Snaptrap This user is a fan of Snaptrap.
ChiefUserBox This user is a fan of The Chief.
ChameleonUserBox This user is a fan of The Chameleon.

This user supports the Kuddley Relationship

SAL83 This user is a fan of the Kitty-Dudley Relationship.

(the image here should be Kitty and Dudley doing the secret handshake in Share-A-Lair)

Other things related to TUFF

File:MessageBoardUserBox.jpg This user is an agent at the Nick Message Boards.

(explanation: users on the TUFF boards there like to roleplay as agents, so if you're on there, that's what this is for. Also, if one of you is an agent there (one that's recurring, such as Capt. Jones or Saito Hayato), you can use a drawing of your TUFF agent's head for the image)

Template:FanficUserBox FanficUserBox

Be sure to give your ideas for other userboxes in the comments!

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