Hello, LB here, I haven't been active much since all of the editing I'm doing is for FOP and the new upcoming movie/episodes. There hasn't been any new TUFF yet, none for this month either, so I've kind of lost interest. I promoted a few active users to admins, and made GojiBob bureaucrat.

In the mean time though there are some things I've noticed that users can do to help clean up the wiki:

  • Crop the black borders on images, so they are clean.
  • Large files like PNG should be converted to JPG to reduce file space and quicken load times. PNGs are better for smaller images like icons.
  • The FOP wiki has a system where character images are sorted by episodes, and each episode's gallery has links for all recurring characters. See this character image gallery page and this episode image gallery for examples of what I mean.
  • A lot of episodes need better episode summaries, and many have none at all.

I think concentrating on those things will make it a better wiki. I also wrote a quick guide to making image galleries out of recorded episodes here.

--Lord Beckett (msg) 23:37, June 12, 2011 (UTC)

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