Fellow TP fans... We have a problem, and not just any kind of problem but the Worst kind of problem that can befell a show and it's Fandom... The Network (AKA Nickelodeon) doesn't care about our show anymore!

Now I realize that this isn't news for many of you... But the fact is it's go on long enough and needs to stop to stop!? And I have a plan that could just do that.

The Plan (And how it's going to work):

First off how many of you guys knew Nick had a Twitter account? And now how many of you knew you could actually send Tweets to Nick's account? (Note: This plan will only involve the US/Orginal version of Nick, those guys are the problem not the various internation versions of Nick... in my opinion those guys are handling TP correctly, but the US/Orginal version obviously isn't.) Anyway I have a feeling a number of you guys did know those things... But if you didn't here's a link to Nick's account ( ).

Now where am I going with this? Well it's all quite simple really... Basically the plan is for us to use our Twitter accounts (If you don't have one, but theirs no reason you can't have one... and if you want to be apart of this plan then you can simply make one, it's easy to do) (Or if you don't have one and can't make one for whatever reason... you can have other user's like me who do have Twitter accounts post your Tweets/Thoughs for you) to swamp Nick's account asking various TP related questions (Although most of which probably should be about when new episodes are going to be airing) for however long it takes for TP to start airing new episodes regulary again. (Granted I know it's really unlikely we'll actually be able to do that... but I feel it's worth a try and after all what do we have to lose? And plus it's definitely better then doing nothing.)

So in other words... We're going to harass/constantly put pressure on Nick into they give into our demands.

Rules and other Important stuff:

Now in order for this plan to be successful their (Unfortunately) do have to be some rules.

1. Your Tweets to Nick can't have any swear words in them, No exceptions.

2. Your Tweets Must use proper spelling and correct grammar, Again no exceptions.

3. Your Tweets Have to be polite or at least civil, this probably the most important rule and like the other two rules their are no exceptions to it.

Now I know these rules seem unnecessary or even stupid, after all Nick's never treated TP with respect so why should we treat Nick with respect?... Well the fact is if we don't then Nick isn't going to take us seriously, it's as simple as that.

Now here are some other important things you guys should know.

1. Nick will ignore the Tweets you send to them, don't worry this is Normal. (I know from experence, I've been sending Nick TP related Tweets for months... and out of the dozens of Tweets I've scent to then they've only replyed to Two, So yeah don't get discouraged when this happens).

2. If you choose to be apart of this plan then you have to commit... that means Tweeting at least one Tweet a day. (Now I know most of you guys have lives outside of the TP Fandom... But surely it isn't hard to type out a single sentense once a day and send it to Nick's Twitter account) Now unlike the rules this does have exceptions... But the only acceptable excuses are, Your sick or for whatever reason you couldn't get on your computer that day, that's it nothing else is acceptable.

3. This plan does actually have an official name... Operation: TUFF Job! (Fairly gets complete credit for the name, I would never have been able to come up with something that cool.)


And that's how I plan to save TUFF Puppy.

But in order for it to even have a chance of succeeding... you guys have to join me in doing it.

Thanks for reading!

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