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Gospel to be reflected on: Jn 2:13-25


Today, It is quite common to see places of worship having fund raisers, feasts and even festivals. Does this make Christ angry the way he was in this scenario? The answer: NO!. Let me explain to you why Christ had acted the way he did today. Let's set the place, 1st century, Temple of Jerusalem, It was so crowded you could not drop a needle. Now imagine you as a poor Jew coming to offer your offering for the Passover. You see a noble and Rich Jew come and pass to the Offering area at ease. Ok, now this is where reality setts in. Corruption was very prominent in the Jewish Hierarchy those days and The scenario in the temple is one of the most appalling to any faithful Jew and follower. this is what happens. The peasant Jew comes to the receiving area. "STOP" says the inspector. Your offering is then "inspected". Why the air quotes you ask? It's not really being inspected, it's just an act by the "inspector". Bet you that guy couldn't even pass a haircut inspection! :)) Anyway, The "inspector" will now deep your offering as unsatisfactory and refer you to the exchange market. As soon as you arrive, an elder will take your offering in exchange for a very small amount. Diamonds for Doo-doo as i would say! Once you have received the insufficient amount, you would proceed to the buying area with TOTALLY OVERPRICED offerings. If you could not afford one, you would have to go home. Each offering has a tag to prove that it was bought at the temple grounds. Once you have bought one, you would go to the next inspection area where they would search for the tag on the offering. It was sort of an immigration counter only corrupt. Once confirmed that it ws purchased at the temple, you would proceed to the entrance to the altar where you would have to pay the Priest a hefty amount to give your sacrifice.

What was wrong here you ask. Well, check this out. All these Guys... ARE ALL BROTHERS AND COUSINS! This is what drove Christ to his breaking point. How can this place of holiness be turned into a place of LIES and CHEATING? It was Un-acceptable. He cleanses the temple but does something more astounding. He challenges the scribes, "DESTROY THIS TEMPLE AND I SHALL RAISE IT UP IN 3 DAYS!" Logicaly, it is impossible to raise a 46 year built temple in just 3 days. But Christ was talking of something else, the Body! We are temples of Life and love. Of Charity and Chastity, Faithfullness and fruitfulness. He did raise the temple up in 3 days. Not just that temple but also Our temples.

How do we cleanse our temples? Do good works, Stop lying and Cheating. Live life in Joy and Faith. This is our chalenge, to raise our temples to something even more wonderful. Temples of the Lord!


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