I've had my fill! I'm past my boiling point now! All the drama on the chat is just too much! I just want it to be the way it was back in April. I'm sick of all of it! All the fights, the huge egos bursting out, the dictatorial attitudes of others! Enough is enough! As of now, I'm on idefinate leave... Not sure if i will return. All this time i was parising the chat as a place of peace, acceptance, and mutual understanding and respect, unfortunately, I was mistaken. What happened to the wiki i knew and loved back a few months ago? I look back at my B-day blog and think now "What happened? was i decieved?" I always said that it was a place of respect, joy, peace... Now, I know better.This time off will also give me a chance to reflect on my own acts here. As of now, I'm signing off. As for some... you know where to find me. Good-bye!

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