Hey Guys,

So recently my work here has been abit slow but this is mostly because of schoolwork. But by the end of next month I will be already be having my vacation so i can spend as much time as i please here. With this said, I am currently developing a template that will feature the Birthdays of the Users here on T.U.F.F. wiki however, there is a catch, You need to have edited at least 250 times here. If you wish your birthday to be featured, simply post a comment with your Birthday (Month and day only) in it. I will take care of validating if you have reached the required number of edits. This birthday template will be posted on the main page along with the upcoming Random Fanfic template. This template will be updated monthly in order to keep up with the users. Thanks and God Bless

Update: So as of today, I realized that 250 edits is abit too much. If i use that as basis, we would only have about 15 to 20 people who'se B-day would be shown. I have decided to reduce the number of edits to 150 edits


Here's to You for your special day! :D

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