I just found the possible transcript of the episode Girlfriend or Foe?/Scared Wit-Less.

Yesterday (February 16, 2014) I was searching on Google tuff puppy girlfriend or foe? until I found this:

The posible plot of Girlfriend or Foe? would be this:

Dudley has a new girlfriend named Daisy, but Kitty suspects that she is a Snaptrap's spy.

And the possible plot of Scared Wit-Less would be this:

Snaptrap, seeing Dudley is not scared of anything, decides to pretend to be a safety expert to suggest things Dudley does are dangerous and, therefore, being scared by them.

Everything I say is true, if you do not believe me, then search tuff puppy girlfriend or foe? in Google and you will find the file.

I hope this serves a lot for this page in the future.


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