Hello. DragoTheWolf here... *sigh* I came here to apologize for what I really did was wrong, absolutely wrong. After 32 days of suspension, I really did miss out on all the fun and exciting times that I've had with you guys. I cried so many tears and listening to 80's Power Ballads is what I usually do all day and/or all night during my 32 day suspension. I didn't mean to ruin everyone else's live. I mean, it's not complicated. Reverting edits is unacceptable, harassing users is a bad omen, and being disrespectful to people is definitely not the right thing for me. Everybody thinks that I'm the most miserable person with such strong emotions, and thus I'm filled with sadness. Wherever it happens to everyone and everything else in between, it's no fun at all. Everybody hurts my feelings, my life is in shambles, and as time goes by, my sheer loneliness. Remember the time that I called 89ACM a "young lady"? Yeah, that must've hurt his feelings too, you know. I do remember that he once told me that when I call him a lady, his brother and his cousin called him names for not having a girlfriend. I was very sad and completely depressed to see that in a non-traditional way. That's why nobody wants to care for me, nobody to make me feel happy, or to make me feel better in so many ways. Such a darn shame. No matter what I do, no matter how hard I tried, I have no right to be one mean, selfish, and ignorant for so many reasons. Anyway, the apology goes on. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for reverting their edits, I'm sorry for harassing users and being hostile towards them, and last but not least, I am so terribly sorry for being such a complete insult to others. Crazypuppy, WonderKat and Sir Kangaroo... If the three of you admins will ever forgive me in the first place, I will be nice and very kind in a very, happy way. If you don't forgive me, then I'll start crying 96 tears in a very, hurtful way. And I will continue to get everything done and to make things right no matter what. I love you guys with all my heart, and much love to 89AnimeCoupleMaster, keep up the good work and please stay out of trouble. Agent DTW out.

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