DragoTheWolf DragoTheWolf 11 August 2016

Moved to a new home wiki

Hello, T.U.F.F. Agents & Admins. This is agent DragoTheWolf (formerly). I wanted to say I'm sorry that I've said something very rude to TheSitcomLover about voice actor Matthew W. Taylor who became actress Maddie Taylor. I didn't mean to revert back to the original image by no means of necessary, and it's not even a joke. Of course I did some research and I've read some information about the actor going into surgery several months ago. 5 years ago I used to be a fun loving and a silly person on this wiki, but now I'm a mean and an unresponsive person. Of course you can still call me Manti Te'o, or Nevel Papperman, or Sneech (Suneo Honekawa), etc. Wokat, you're right. Wikis are nothing literally to cry over because of my exaggerated nonsens…

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DragoTheWolf DragoTheWolf 21 January 2015

Just turned 27 on January 21st

Hello. DragoTheWolf here.

I'm so glad that I turned 27 on my birthday! I'm 27 years old and totes proud of it. I know that you guys have/haven't been on this site in a very long time, but hey, It's a celebration going on. Just wish me a happy birthday if you like. Hey, I'm a 27 year old dude! Agent DTW out!

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DragoTheWolf DragoTheWolf 8 August 2013

My emotional apologies

Hello. DragoTheWolf here... *sigh* I came here to apologize for what I really did was wrong, absolutely wrong. After 32 days of suspension, I really did miss out on all the fun and exciting times that I've had with you guys. I cried so many tears and listening to 80's Power Ballads is what I usually do all day and/or all night during my 32 day suspension. I didn't mean to ruin everyone else's live. I mean, it's not complicated. Reverting edits is unacceptable, harassing users is a bad omen, and being disrespectful to people is definitely not the right thing for me. Everybody thinks that I'm the most miserable person with such strong emotions, and thus I'm filled with sadness. Wherever it happens to everyone and everything else in between, …

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DragoTheWolf DragoTheWolf 21 January 2013

Just turned 25 on January 21st

Hello, everybody. It's me, DragoTheWolf here. It's been a long time since I haven't written one of my blogs on this site. Just to let you all know that I am 25 years old, and completely proud of it. So, if you have anything to say to me, just wish me a Happy Birthday. Hope you have a great time out there, you guys. Agent DTW out!

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DragoTheWolf DragoTheWolf 22 June 2012

Freaky Spy-Day & Dog Tired

What was you favorite part in both of these episodes so far? Just give me a comment. You can tell me whenever you like.

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