'd just like to keep this short, since I'm kinda pre-occupied with a few things. I've been slacking off for months now, but I've recently decided that I'd like to start help editting the wiki again.

I had an episode transcript project running, which I never quite finished. I don't know whether anyone ever bothered to do anymore, but once school ends for me after November 23, and if I don't end up working during the summer, I will continue doing transcripts.

I'm making this post because I'll admit it: I can't transcript that much alone. Frankly, it's tedious. So, if anyone wants to offer some help or advice please feel free to. Distributing the workload would get them finished much faster. So yeah, I'm begging for help.

P.S. It's great to see the significant improvements made to the wiki over the past year I've been here, and I'd love to see them continue.

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