Well I back in this moment because Nick Latin America this monday that is coming, we have premier of 5 new episodes, this episodes are:

Close Encounters of the doomed Kind/Golden Retrieber

Rat Trap/Agent of the Year

TUFF Choices/Sob Story


unknown (or Maybe Happy Howl-o-Ween but is not possible because maybe in here uses this premiere on Halloween) Well in Latin America, in the anounced of TV, I watch some interesting Scenes:

-Sharing Moose back in a coming episode (and is obvious Quacky Duck but in the anounced not show her).

-Kitty With a Banana Costume

-Dudley looking scared a Cake with dinamite instead of candles, (same of a StoryBoard from other Blog).

-Dudley and Kitty in T.U.F.F Run to save petropolis (in this part i can look in the big monitor of T.U.F.F. a Marker that says: Kitty: 1 Puppy 1 (Maybe from the episode Agent of the year)

What Happen in this moment with the show in USA?, why not have premiere?, this is the reason of this Blog Spot because is the first show that I watch this case.

Sorry if I offended anyone  (but is my opinion).

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