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    Some episodes.

    July 31, 2014 by Boliviafan

    Well, i back because i find this episodes on vimeo and the wiki has not to much information about it:

    Dead or a lie/ Tourist Trap

    Great Scott/To bee or not To bee

    Barking Bad/ Smarty

    While the cat's away/Sweet Revenge

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    Well, what happen now in USA?

    This question is because now in Latin America we have new episodes again, The first week of June!!!

    Latin America have the premiere of the third season, and now i put some scenes of the TV announced:

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    Well in this day in Latin America we have the premiere of a episode of 30 min of Duration And the title is Til Doom do us Part.


    Snaptrap , D.O.O.M. with the chameleon are stolen gifts os weddings and Dudley and Kitty must stop this but is impossible, and Dudley and Kitty should marry to arrest this evil team.

    Comin Soon the images

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    Well this is the titles of the new episodes of Today:

    Note: I edit this blog with images.

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    Well today have the premiere and the episodes are

    Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind/Golden Retrieber (Monday)

    Rat Trap/Agent of the Year(Tuesday)

    TUFF Choices/Sob Story (Wednesday)

    I upload some images from the episodes that some are very Funny ans other not very well (My Opinion) and in these days I upload images from the episodes, but not is a good Quality:

    Here some Photos from the episodes of Today, Sorry the Bad Quality, I Try to need a better Camera in the nexts episodes specially in the last 2 because i don't have idea of the titles:

    Update: I get images in a Good Quality

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