This is my first blog post on this wiki so lets make it special. I know, most of you have many friends on this wiki but all i'm asking for is to make me one of your friends. I am a very likeable fellow who likes T.U.F.F. Puppy like most users on this wiki. I am staying on this wiki for a very long time.

List of Friends

If you comment below and say you want to be a friend, you will be on this list. Either that or you can leave a message on my wall. It's your choice!


Now here's the recipe for my perfect friend (except for the ones listed above. Their already my perfect friends)

  • Likeable Fellow
  • Likes FOP too.
  • Has Wolf Spitzer as one of his favorite characters (or favorite).
  • Wants a T.U.F.F. Puppy TV Movie
  • Whatelse? Hmmmmmmm... Well, that's it


Now Let's Test you! (Way it works is by how much)

  • 0-1 Meh. We could become small friends.
  • 2-3 Good Job. We can be friends!
  • 4-5 Congratulations! We should become friends!

Please Comment!

If you want to become my friend, comment below please. I need as many friends as I can!

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