"Thunder Dog (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 16
Thunder Dog Title Card
Production Code: 108B
Airdate: February 12, 2011
Villain(s) Featured: Bird Brain
Writer(s): Ray DeLaurentis
Will Schifrin
Kevin Sullivan
Director(s): Gary Conrad
Storyboards by: Dave Thomas
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
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This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Thunder Dog" from Season 1. It aired on February 12, 2011.


Note: This transcript is complete. If you find any errors (factual, spelling etc.) feel free to correct them.

  • (episode starts with the Chief awarding Dudley a medal in front of the TUFF building)
  • (people cheer and balloons rise into air)
  • Chief: "Agent Puppy, on behalf of TUFF, I'm awarding you this medal for bravery." (places golden medal around Dudley's neck)
  • Kitty: "Dudley, I still can't believe you dove through a wall of flames to save the Chief's Korn Nutz."
  • Chief: (hugs bag of Korn Nutz) "Mmm.."
  • Dudley: (dramatic) "I would have saved his juice box too, but there just wasn't enough time." (sheds tear)
  • Kitty: "Weren't you scared?"
  • Dudley: "No way. I was born without the fear gene." (smells smoke) "And the gene that tells you when your tail's on fire." (puts out fire with a glass of water)
  • (Dudley and Kitty walk into the TUFF building)
  • Kitty: "Oh, come on Dudley. Everybody's afraid of something. I'm afraid of shedding in public, Agent Goldfish is afraid of toilets-" (Agent Goldfish shown screaming upon hearing a flushing) "and Keswick is afraid of girls." (smiles at Keswick)
  • Keswick: "I'd argue with you, Kitty, but you terrify me!" (screams; jumps into incinerator chute) "Thought this was the laundry chute!"
  • Dudley: "Well, I'm not afraid of anything." (thunderclap) "Aaaah!" (screams, cowers under desk)
  • Kitty: (smug) "Except maybe thunder."
  • Dudley: "What? No, I'm not scared of thunder. There's a... (looks around) bomb under here. Booom! It's okay, I shielded everyone from the blast!"
  • (workers cheer)
  • Chief: "Bravo, Agent Puppy. You deserve another medal."
  • Kitty: (skeptical) "Come on, there was no bomb!"
  • Dudley: "Oh yeah? Then how do you explain the boom sound?"
  • Keswick: (pops out of incinerator chute) "I say we give him a medal for his infallible l-l-logic."
  • Chief: "Done!" (another medal slung on Dudley's neck)
  • (Kitty is surprised; the computer makes a beeping noise, and Keswick heads over and starts typing)
  • Keswick: (images of cannon shown on computer) "I've just received intel that the thunder we heard was emitted by Bird Brain's new thunder cannon. That fiendish blue-bottomed booby is using it to commit an act of diabolical evil."
  • Dudley: "What's he doing?"
  • Keswick: "He's robbing a carpet store."
  • Chief: "Then we're all doomed!" (flees to his office in tears)
  • Kitty: "Let's go, Dudley. We've got to stop Bird Brain and his thunder cannon."
  • Dudley: "I can't.. I uh.. accidentally handcuffed myself to this ship's anchor." (somehow handcuffed to an anchor)
  • Kitty: (destroys cuffs with laser) "Will you relax? It's just a little thunder." (Dudley tries to grip onto the ground with his claws)
  • (Kitty drags Dudley along, presses button to open chute to TUFF Mobile)
  • (Dudley tries to climb back up)
  • Kitty: (pulls him down) "C'mon!"
  • Dudley: (falls) "I'm alright! My medals broke my fall."
  • (cut to Bird Brain in the Whirly Bird, firing his sonic cannon at Carpet World; blast breaches wall, allowing Bird Brain's henchmen haul away carts of carpet rolls)
  • Bird Brain: (evil laughter) "Ah, Zippy, thanks to my Thunder Bird, I will soon have all the finest carpeting in Petropolis."
  • Zippy: "Oh Bird Brain, we have all the carpet we could ever want. Now tell me again, why do we want it?"
  • Bird Brain: "In due time, Zippy. Now, how about introducing me to my new henchmen?"
  • Zippy: "Certainly. Hey Owl, this is your evil genius boss, Bird Brain."
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Zippy: "Bird Brain."
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Bird Brain: (unimpressed) "I think we formed a real bond, Zippy. Let's see if we get actual sentences out of the other guy."
  • Zippy: "Hey Bat, come here and meet the boss."
  • Bat: (blind) "Where?"
  • Bird Brain: "I'm right here!"
  • Bat: "Where?"
  • Bird Brain: (flails arms) "Right in front of you!"
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Bird Brain: "For the love of Pete, Zippy! We would have been better off hiring some waxed fruit and a bag of rocks!"
  • (Dudley and Kitty arrive in TUFF Mobile)
  • Kitty: (jumps out with blaster) "Freeze!"
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Kitty: "You!"
  • Bat: "Where?"
  • Bird Brain: "They're infuriating, aren't they? Anyway, I'm going to blast you now with my Thunder Bird." (fires sonic cannon at Dudley in TUFF mobile)
  • (shockwave frightens Dudley, causing him to jump out and hug Kitty for safety; the distraction allows Bird Brain to escape)
  • Kitty: "Dudley, you let them get away! You've got to get over your fear of thunder."
  • Dudley: "I'm not afraid of thunder! I was checking out your scalp. You've gotten a lot of gray hairs since we started working together." (pulls grey hair out) "Probably just a coincidence." (Kitty slaps it out of his hand)
  • (Keswick contacts them via monitor in TUFF mobile)
  • Keswick: "Attention, Agents Puppy and Katswell. Bird Brain has just used his thunder cannon to rob a.. brace yourselves... kitchen appliance store."
  • Chief: "Noooo!"
  • Kitty: "We're on it, Keswick! C'mon, Dudley."
  • Dudley: "I'd like to, Kitty, but I accidentally chained myself to this aircraft carrier." (chained to an aircraft carrier)
  • Kitty: (blasts chains; throws tennis ball into TUFF mobile)
  • Dudley: "BALL!" (jumps into TUFF mobile) "Yeeeeeeaaaaah!"
  • (Kitty is smug; she starts the TUFF mobile and drives off)
  • Dudley: Aww!
  • (transition to Bird Brain robbing a kitchen appliances store; Owl is hauling appliances into the Whirly Bird)
  • Bird Brain: (standing in Whirly Bird) "Yes, yeeees! Take it all! The self-cleaning ovens, frost-free refrigerators, and those toasters with the extra big slots for Belgian waffles." (Bat takes toaster away and returns to store) "Bat, what are you doing? You're taking the stuff Owl put into my Whirly Bird and putting it back into the store!"
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Bird Brain: "You mind your own business! I was talking to the bat." (to Bat) "The Whirly Bird is over here." (points)
  • Bat: "Where?"
  • Bird Brain: "Ugh." (faceplam) "And people wonder why I'm prematurely moulting."
  • (Kitty and Dudley approaching in the TUFF mobile)
  • Kitty: "Hold it right there, Bird Brain!"
  • (Bird Brain fires his sonic cannon at TUFF mobile, damaging it; the boom causes Dudley to cower in fear and jump onto Kitty's head, distracting her and causing a crash; Bird Brain and his henchmen escape with his helicopter)
  • Kitty: (angry) "Dudley, they escaped again! All because of you and your fear of thunder!"
  • Dudley: "For the last time, I'm not afraid-" (thunder boom; Dudley screams and clings to pole hanging from the side of a building, crying) "Okay! I am afraid of thunder! It's loud and rumbly like a big stomach! I'm okay with lightning, though; lightning's cool. I'm also good with sleet and fog. Fog's kinda soothing. But I'm really scared of thunder!"
  • (pole snaps, he screams and falls)
  • Dudley: "I'm sorry Kitty. I'm a coward. I don't deserve all these medals!" (walks over to old possum lady) "Hey, weird possum lady. You're very brave for wearing that outfit in public. You deserve these more than I do."
  • (hands medals to possum lady, she whacks him with her handbag; he returns to Kitty)
  • Dudley: "Kitty, it's no use. I'm gonna take myself off the case and move somewhere where there's no thunder."
  • Kitty: "Calm down." (looks around suspiciously, then whispers) "Look, this is supposed to be a secret, but I've got something that can help you."
  • Dudley: "Is it candy?"
  • Kitty: "No." (takes off collar) "It's a special high-tech bravery collar Keswick made me. You know, to get over my fear of shedding in public."
  • Dudley: (whispers) "I'd rather have candy."
  • Kitty: "Just put it on."
  • Dudley: (takes collar) "Does it really work?"
  • Kitty: "Trust me, it's foolproof! You put this on and you'll never be afraid of thunder again."
  • (Dudley puts collar on)
  • Dudley: "Wow! I feel bravery already." (walks over to possum lady) "Hey possum lady, give me back my medals!" (possum lady whacks him into the ground) "Okay you can keep them."
  • (transition to Bird Brain unloading the Whirly Bird outside his mountain-top lair; Bat and Owl haul the stolen goods in)
  • Bird Brain: (evil laugh) "Behold Zippy, Rancho Boobamunga! The first phase of my diabolical plan is complete."
  • Zippy: "You robbed those stores to build condos?"
  • Bird Brain: (aims thunder cannon at Petropolis skyline) "And now I'll use my Thunder Bird to level Petropolis with an avalanche!"
  • Zippy: "Don't you mean an evil-lanche?"
  • Bird Brain: "No, I don't. Once the city is destroyed, everyone will be forced to flock to my overpriced condos! Not only will I be rich, I'd be the evil head of the Homeowners' Association. If anyone uses the jacuzzi after 10 pm, there will be fines!" (presses button on cannon, but nothing happens) "Darn it, it needs a charge. Well, that's what I get for buying the cheap Thunderbird. Bat, will you plug it in,please?" (Bat plugs it in outlet) "Wow, I can't believe he didn't say where."
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Bird Brain: (annoyed) "Well played, Owl. When that avalanche starts, I've got a boulder with your name on it!" (throws toaster at Owl)
  • (transition to Dudley and Kitty driving a barebones TUFF mobile through streets)
  • Dudley: "This bravery collar is awesome. Brave guy driving! Brave guy cleaning the windshield! (presses button) "Aaagh!" (jets of water spray Kitty and Dudley)
  • Kitty: "Brave guy forgot there's no windshield!"
  • Dudley: (rubs eyes) "Brave guy rubbing his stinging eyes. Bravely."
  • Kitty: (spots something) "Whoa! Stop the car!"
  • Dudley: (stops car) "Brave guy stopping the car."
  • (billboard of Bird Brain's "Rancho Boobamunga" shown)
  • Kitty: (reads) "Rancho Boobamunga Estates pre-avalanche sale? You know what this means.."
  • Dudley: (smiling) "I'm still stuck on the word boobamunga."
  • Kitty: "It means Bird Brain's gonna cause an avalanche and destroy Petropolis! We've gotta get up that mountain!"
  • Dudley: (hits the accelerator) "Brave guy hitting the gas!"
  • (Kitty and Dudley drive up mountain; meanwhile, at the top, Bird Brain is preparing to fire his cannon)
  • Bird Brain: "At last, my Thunder Bird is fully charged."
  • Zippy: (pointing) "Look, boss. Agents Puppy and Katswell are headed this way."
  • Bird Brain: "Who? Where? Great, now I sound like my idiot henchmen. As usual I blame you Zippy."
  • Zippy: "Why?"
  • Bird Brain: "Ugh, now they've got you doing it!"
  • (Dudley and Kitty continue to drive at mountain; Bird Brain fires cannon at the TUFF mobile, destroying it; Dudley and Kitty are sent flying through air and upon landing, in fear Dudley digs into the ground for cover)
  • (Kitty pulls him out)
  • Kitty: "You're okay. You've got the collar."
  • Dudley: "Riight.. I can't do this. I'm a brave guy! In a pink collar with rhinestones!"
  • (cannon is fired; Dudley and Kitty dodge blast)
  • Kitty: "Are you alright, brave guy?"
  • Dudley: "You know, I think I am. Thunder can't hurt me. Though I wish I could say the same about THIS CACTUS I FELL ON! AAGH! " (jumps off)
  • (Dudley and Kitty run towards Bird Brain's lair, dodging sonic blasts; they manage to reach the top with a jump of inexplicable length and height)
  • Kitty: (confident) "Sorry, Bird Brain! We're here to steal your thunder!"
  • Bird Brain: "Henchmen, attack!"
  • Owl: (running) "Who?"
  • Bat: (running) "Where?"
  • (Owl and Bat collide into Zippy, knoicking the three of them out)
  • Bird Brain: "Well, that's settled. You three put the boob in "boobamunga"."
  • Dudley: "It's all over, Bird Brain!"
  • Bird Brain: "For you maybe, but I have a bright future, as an evil land lord." (evil laugh; takes off in his helicopter)
  • (Dudley fires a grappling hook gun at the helicopter and manages to hitch a ride with the Whirly Bird; as the helicopter travels he is pulled along, sliding him into a dress hanging on a clothesline)
  • (Bird Brain's chopper hovers over the city)
  • Bird Brain: (via microphone) "Citizens of Petropolis, you will now face the horror of having to move to tastefully furnished luxury condos!" (to himself) "Ooh, that sounded so much worse in my head."
  • (evil laughing; Bird Brain prepares to fire, but Dudley manages to winch himself inside)
  • Dudley: (wearing a dress) "Hey, Bird Brain!"
  • Bird Brain: "Aunt Lulu? I thought you went to Mexico."
  • (Dudley punches him; Bird Brain falls onto his sonic cannon, causing it flip and fire at his mountain-top condos; condos destroyed)
  • Bird Brain: "NOO! Now I'll have to go with my back-up plan: flooding the city so people have to live in luxury yachts! Interestingly, that sounded much worse in my head too."
  • (Dudley kicks him out of the chopper; he falls and lands on the TUFF building, breaking through every single storey; a jail cell at the bottom breaks his fall)
  • Bird Brain: (dazed; lays an egg) "Who? What? Where?" (collapses)
  • (transition to celebrations at TUFF; Dudley and Kitty being awarded a medal)
  • Chief: "Good job, Agents Puppy and Katswell! You each deserve a medal for saving Petropolis!"
  • Dudley: "Well, I couldn't have done it without this bravery collar Kitty gave me."
  • Kitty: (nervous) "Uh yeah.. about that. The truth is, it's not really a high-tech bravery collar."
  • Dudley: "Yes, it is. It made me brave. Right, Keswick? You're the one who made it."
  • Keswick: "Are you kidding? If I had that kind of technology, I wouldn't be afraid of girls!"
  • Tammy: "Hi Keswick."
  • Keswick: "AAAGH!" (runs, falls into incinerator chute) "You're not the laundry chute!"
  • Dudley: "So I really was brave? I'm not afraid of thunder anymore?! I'm not afraid of anything!"
  • Tammy: (holding paper) "Dudley, your dentist called (Possibly Dr. Fineberg).. He wants you to come in for a root canal."
  • Dudley: "I'd love to go, but I accidentally chained myself to this space shuttle."
  • (space shuttle takes off)
  • Dudley: (chained) "BRAVE GUY GOING TO THE MOON! BRAVELY!!" (screams)
  • (shuttle disappears into the horizon)
  • Owl: "Who?"
  • Bat: "Where?"
  • Bird Brain: "Oh knock it off!"
  • Zippy: "Why?"
  • (Bird Brain gasps, then faints)
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