• Dudley: "Not so fast, Kitty! My bloodhound nose tells me the Chameleon hasn't left!" (Dudley rides laser tank) "He's actually turned himself into the Chief's bowling trophy!" (Dudley fires laser at Chief's bowling trophy, vaporizing it) "Oops, not the Chameleon."
    The Chief: "No! Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to roll a bowling ball!?"

  • Dudley: (after punching Jack Rabbit) "Puppy Punch; there is no substitute." (Dudley blows smoke from fist)

  • Jack: "I don't think so."

  • Jack: "Toodle-loo, Mr. Don't Feed the Squirrels."
  • Dudley: (to Jack) "That's Mr. Stay Off the Grass!"

  • Snaptrap: "I'm eating sushi from 3 Days Ago."
    Jack: "You're eating 3-day-old sushi?"
    Snaptrap: "No, it's a restaraunt named "3 Days Ago"."

  • Snaptrap: (hands a fudgie bar to Jack) "Fudgie bar?"

  • Kitty: "Dudley, Jack's gonna drain my brain! You better shut off this helmet!"

  • Dudley: "Whoa! A welcome back party? All I did was take a nap in the conference room. You shouldn't have!"
    Kitty: "We didn't, the party is for my old partner, Jack Rabbit. He's stopping by for a visit."

  • Dudley: "Sometimes I dream I'm the best agent T.U.F.F. ever had."

  • Jack: "Oh great, but if it isn't Kitty's numbskull partner. Just play along."

  • Keswick: "N-no, my name is Bob. Bob... Stay-off-the-grass."
    Dudley: "Great, Keswick. Now she's on to us."
  • Jack: (to Dudley) "I'd drain your brain next if I thought anything was in it. Any last words?"
  • Dudley: "Oh yeah, well I beat a snake a checkers in my dreams."
  • Dudley: "My name is Bob. Bob...Don't-feed-the-squirrels."
  • Dudley: "You go pick-up my dry cleaning, while I investigate.
  • Dudley: "This is a wedding gown, Keswick."
  • Keswick: "Oh, I was lucky to get anything, but the dry cleaning lady knows the seven forms o-o-o-of jujitsu!"

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