• This episode was named after the famous entertaining group of the same name.
  • Snaptrap admits he wanted to be a dancer before he became a super-villain.
  • This episode shows that Kitty isn't a very good dancer.
  • In one scene you can see a portrait of Keswick-like Albert Einstein.
  • Before Dudley starts dancing, he grabs a chair and water pours over him in reference to the 1983 film Flashdance.
  • This is the first time that Dudley does the moonwalk, the second being in Lucky Duck.
  • BARCO is a parody of the gasoline company ARCO.
  • Snaptrap makes a reference to MC Hammer's popular song U Can't Touch This (when Dudley knocks him with his butt, the words HAMMER TIME! flash), even going as far as to dress like him.
  • The Hound of Music is a parody of the musical The Sound of Music, as well as The Vermin of the Opera being a parody of The Phantom of the Opera.
  • Many dances and songs are referenced and parodied.
  • The TV show The Price is Rat is an obvious parody of the famous TV contest The Price is Right.
  • Snaptrap says "Does it just wanna make you cut loose? Footloose?" in one scene, referring to the Kenny Loggins song Footloose.
  • This is the only episode where good guys and bad guys have a dancing party.
  • After being defeated, MC Snaptrap exclaims "I will survive...and plot my revenge!", a reference to the song I Will Survive.
  • On one of The Chief's tiny romance novels at the end of the episode, there is The Chief and a flea lady kissing.
  • The Chief has a thing for romance novels since he collects and reads them.


  • In Iron Mutt, Snaptrap has little hair on his arms, but in this episode, he has hair on most of his arms except his hands and wrists.
  • Strangely, when Snaptrap used Keswick's cloning device, all his clones had numbers on their chests. But when Dudley had used the cloning device earlier and again later, none of his clones had numbers on them at all.
  • This simply maybe because of the color of the numbers, which were shown in black on Snaptrap's clones, as Dudley wears a black shirt in the series.
  • Snaptrap's name is spelled wrong in the end credits. It says "Saptrap's Clones".
  • The name of this episode in the end credits is "Rat Pack", removing "The".

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