From left to right: Bango, Bingo, and Robespierre.

The Hunky Monkeys are a popular boy band trio who only appeared in Monkey Business. At first, Dudley wasn't a fan of them, but suddenly came to like their singing when he remembered that it was the "Hunky Donkeys" that he hated and sang at the end of the episode. Their singing voices are done by Brock Baker, Tim Davis, and Luke Edgemon.



  • The Hunky Monkeys speak with Californian surfer dude accents, which is quite ironic because Petropolis is in California.
  • Robespierre is the third notable character Rob Paulsen voices in T.U.F.F. Puppy. He also voices Bird Brain.
  • Apparently, Robespierre is the most handsome of all boy bands.


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