• Villain Debut: Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe - look-alikes of Dudley and Kitty.
  • This episode is possibly a reference to the Get Smart episode The Secret of Sam Vittorio, where the main protagonists Maxwell Smart and Agent 99 go undercover as two dangerous criminals Connie and Floyd, which have a great physical resemblance to both of them, except the age and thus, grey hair. Later on, Connie and Floyd manage to escape and spoil the cover of the protagonists.
  • Francisco mentions that he and Snaptrap share bunk beds, but it's unknown if he means at prison or at D.O.O.M.
  • Snaptrap has never won a Doomie before.
  • When The Chameleon and Bird Brain's plans are foiled by Dudley and Kitty, the audience at The Doomies pelts them on TV with laser blasts and grenades.
  • We also learn that Kitty has an uncle (unknown from her mother or father's side).
  • Kitty, just like her Get Smart counterpart, Agent 99, in the episode The Kiss of Death, shows to have a habit of saying complicated words.
  • Keswick's parents appear to be in a normal estate ignoring the fact that, as mentioned in Pup Daddy, old Keswicks pass through a jellyfish estate.
  • Zippy does not appear. This is the first time Bird Brain appeared without her.
  • This is the first episode to take place completely at night.
  • The dress that Kitty wears to The Doomies is the same dress she used when she and Dudley made their appearance at Nickelodeon's 24th Annual Kids' Choice Awards.
  • This is the second time we see Kitty wearing something that isn't her usual clothing in a whole episode.
  • The Chameleon is the only Doomies nominee not to dress up fancy.
  • The Doomies is a parody of the Emmys, as well as other awards shows.
  • A poster briefly seen on the exterior of the theater hosting The Doomies reads "The Pet Shop Girls", a parody of the popular 80's British group The Pet Shop Boys.

Running Gags

  • The Chief constantly reminds Keswick that he's not a doctor like his parents wanted him to be.
  • Kitty mentioning the word calendar given to her by her Uncle Doug.
  • Dudley taking shrimp that is meant for The Doomies guests.


  • At the beginning of the episode, Bad Dog is wearing his normal shirt. Near the end, however, he is wearing a tuxedo. It is possible how he changed into a tuxedo between that time.
  • When Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe appear on the TV screen at T.U.F.F., Dr. Rabies pupils are black instead of blue.
  • Somehow, Ollie, Larry, Bad Dog, and Francisco were unaffected by the Bad Hair Ray.
  • When The Chameleon turns into the parking meter, he wraps himself around a parking meter. When he's foiled, the parking meter he wraps himself around disappears.
  • When Kitty asked how her goatee got on Dudley's butt, Dudley's eyepatch is gone, but after he peels it off it's back on.
  • Francisco's corneas are colored white instead of yellow as they usually are in this episode.

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