• Kitty: "You know, when they say black tie, they also mean pants."
    Dudley: "Yeah, well I heard there's free shrimp at the buffet, so I turned my pants into a shrimp sack!"

  • Snaptrap: "I'm Verminious Snaptrap! And I'm not just your host, I'm also a nominee!"
    Larry: "Who never wins!"
    Snaptrap: "Put a sock in it, Larry!"
    Larry: "Well, it's true. Last year, you were the only nominee and still lost!"

  • Snaptrap: "Ollie, gimme some shrimp! It's the only thing that makes me feel better!"
    Ollie: "Um, sorry. All out of shrimp, boss. Dr. Rabies swiped it all."
    Snaptrap: "Great, now I'm going home without a Doomie, and an empty shrimp sack!"

  • Snaptrap: "Do you know sometimes I cry myself to sleep, because I've never won a Doomie?"
    Francisco: "Yeah, I know, boss. We have bunk beds, remember?"

  • Keswick: "I can't believe you actually let them trap you in a p-p-plastic cup!"

  • The Chief: "Hey, there's grape soda in here! Mmm".

  • Dudley: "Ooh, it's ticking!"
    Kitty: "RUN!!!"

  • Dudley: "Sorry, Mad Cow! Ooh, Ice Cream."

  • Dudley: "Kitty, every bad guy in the world is here!"
    • Kitty: I know! It's a cornucopia of evil!"
      • Dudley: "A what?"
        • Kitty: "Sorry. My uncle Doug gave me one of those word of the day calendars. He's avuncular."

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