• The Caped Cod: "License plate, get me lunch. (to the rest of his subjects) You all could learn from the license plate!"
  • The Caped Cod: "Dog King!"
  • The Chief: (after hearing the news about flooding in Petropolis) "There is only one possible explanation: ghost rain."
  • Kitty: (after capturing the Caped Cod) "That is one freaky fish."
  • Dudley: "Great. Now what am I going to do with the world's largest sponge?"
  • Keswick: "At this point, they're more likely to eat us."
  • Kitty: (stomach growling) "I'm starving!! Where is Dudley with our food?"
  • The Chief: "That's it! We're going out to eat!"
  • Kitty: "Ok, most people would just go with 'Sorry I made a mess', but whatever."

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