• The Chief was originally supposed to have a cigar that was part of his design, as shown in his original concept arts, but this was removed from his design due to tobacco/drug use.[1]
  • The Chief's design bears a resemblance to Principal Pixiefrog from My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
  • He's voiced by Daran Norris, the same person who voices Francisco, Bad Dog, The Chameleon, and Jack Rabbit. Daran Norris also previously worked with Butch Hartman on The Fairly OddParents (portraying Mr. Turner, Cosmo and Jorgen von Strangle) and Danny Phantom (portraying Bullet, Walker's "right-hand man").
  • In Cruisin' for a Bruisin', the Chief has long blonde hair that he claims is always tucked close to his scalp, but his eyebrows are black, implying he dyes his hair.
  • In Thunder Dog, the Chief is afraid of store robberies.
  • The Chief seems to have a interior designer Julian who apparently decorated the Petropolis prison and T.U.F.F. HQ.
  • The Chief believes in ghost rain.
  • During his years of active duty, the Chief seemed to live in a small apartment.
  • He seems to be significantly wealthy, considering that he lives in a very large house (possibly bordering into a mansion), has a high-technology security system, and is according to Fleaple Magazine (a parody of People magazine), one of the 10 Most Eligible Hostages in Petropolis. (all seen in Mind Trap)
  • In addition to the Chief from Get Smart, he might be a parody of P.T. Flea from the Disney/Pixar movie, A Bug's Life.
  • Throughout the series, the Chief's size is shown to be inconsistent.
  • Despite his health problems, as stated in Internal Affairs, he still has the strength to work out.
  • In Internal Affairs, the Chief seemed to have a rocket booster incorporated in his suit. He used it only once.
  • The episode Kid Stuff suggests he cannot tell time properly, thinking a minute is forty seconds and an hour in daylight savings time is 408 minutes.
  • The Chief seems to constantly convince himself in the fact that he is still handsome, disapproved even by him posing in front of a mirror which broke after visual contact.
  • He is shown to be vain, considering how he announced himself as "hot" in Hot Dog.
  • He is similar to M from the James Bond series, Chief Quimby from Inspector Gadget, Commissioner Gordon from Batman, Mayor Phlemming from Osmosis Jones, Zed from Men in Black, Men in Black: The Series, and Men in Black II, Agent O from Men in Black III, Major Monogram from Phineas and Ferb, Jerry from Totally Spies, Principal Folsom from Fillmore!, Anubis Cruger from Power Rangers: S.P.D. and its counterpart Doggie Kruger from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger.
  • He collects and reads romance novels and is shy to show them to everyone, telling everyone that they're detective novels, as revealed in The Rat Pack.
  • In Doom and Gloom, The Chief reveals that he's a middle-aged flea which gives us a small hint about his real age.
  • The Chief has a long lost brother named Martin Dumbrowski, who was introduced in Dog's Best Friend. They apparently weren't in good terms.
  • The Chief has a hobby of baking, shown throughout the episodes, but according to Keswick, he puts mustard in cherry-pie and isn't a good cook.
  • Fans of the show argue about if The Chief or Keswick is the third-most important character.
  • In the episode Diary of a Mad Cat it is revealed that the Chief was once a school outcast. The same thing was admitted by the Chief of C.O.N.T.R.O.L. from the counterpart TV Show Get Smart in the episode "All In The Mind".
  • In Puppy Unplugged, the Chief seems to be a fan of the salad spinners, as he uses them like carousel rides.
  • He cried in his office when Dudley didn't pick him as the helper duckling in Lucky Duck.
  • He hates the Potpourri Bug as shown in Law and Odor.
  • He has bitten people before (being a flea) such as Toast of T.U.F.F. in which he said that he hasn't eaten this well since he spent the week with a German Shepherd.
  • He is shown to go shopping at the tiny CD store.
  • He's shown hate his own men mocking him as he tried to beat up Dudley in Forget Me Mutt before Keswick stopped him.
  • He's been filmed for a documentary in Internal Affairs.
  • The Chief's "marriage" to George Looney, is not official because the man of honor was a mop bucket.


The Chief

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