Purr-fect Partners

  • "What's going on here?!"
  • "All right, Keswick. What's up with the dog?"
  • "No, Agent Nutz is over there!"


  • "Everybody run for your lives, and don't forget your parking validated on the way out!"

Mall Rat

  • "What's your backup plan, Kitty?"
  • "And the bathrooms are so clean you can actually eat off the floor. In fact, I think I will!"

Operation: Happy Birthday

  • "Agents, this might be our most dangerous mission yet, good luck."


  • "Keswick you need to build a jelly-doughnut one!"


  • "Agents Puppy and Katswell, what's the word on the bird?"

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

  • "I'm gonna let my hair down!"
  • "I'm chief of the world! Ahhhhhhh!"
  • "Okay now it just got weird."

Puppy Love

  • "Ah! T.U.F.F., the most organized organization in the world! I love a well organized office!"
  • "I love it when we evacuate!"
  • "Yay! We get to evacuate again!"
  • "Whoops! My bad! That was the microwave. My burrito's done!"
  • "This is a nightmare! We gotta hire a new secretary!"

Toast of T.U.F.F.

  • "I wish everything in this office worked as well as R.I.T.A."
  • "Man R.I.T.A. is a good cook! I haven't eaten this well since I spent that week in a German Shepherd!"
  • "It is your fault!"


  • "Agent Puppy, I told you not to drink from the toilet!"
  • "We'll take the office ASAP!"
  • "Thank you Tommy! Oh, and happy birthday!"
  • "Tommy, blow out the candles and fire the missiles!"

Dog Daze

  • "You're fired!"
  • "He was a good agent! Too bad he was a woodpecker, pretty princess, and a pirate."

Internal Affairs

  • "If only I had my nun chucks to make this lizard up-chuck!"
  • "I'm Huge! Oh yeah, shrink ray."

Chilly Dog

  • "Was that the only costume that would fit him?"
  • "Who cares?"
  • "Congratulations Agents Puppy and Katswell! Thanks to you the figure skating world is saved. but now that I get to think of it, who really cares? But good job anyway."

The Doomies

  • "I probably shouldn't use surgical since Keswick is not a doctor."
  • "Hey there's grape soda in here!"
  • "Okay if your going to keep talking like that, then put the cup back over me."

Thunder Dog

  • "Then we're all doomed!"
  • "NOOOOO!"

Snap Dad

  • "Oh, he ALWAYS brings me trail mix!"
  • "Snaptrap, you're hired!"
  • "But he may be able to help!"

Iron Mutt

  • "Yay!"
  • "I mean he didn't sign my lunch box but we'll go with your thing."
  • "I'm Iron Mutt!"

The Wrong Stuff

  • "There's Jack now!"
  • "NOOOO! You have any idea how hard is it for me to roll a bowling ball!"

Watch Dog

  • "Have you been opening door with your head again?"
  • "The name is Dumbrowski, and I am not a chief I'm King Snaptrap's butler."
  • "I can't believe my eyes! Why do I blink in every picture?"

Dog Dish

  • "Agent Katswell what's the update on Agent Puppy's visit to the vet?"

Forget Me Mutt

  • "BLAH Cheetah! Oh man, I really do that!"
  • "Holy cow, that guy's more handsome than me!"
  • "Please tell me I'm still handsome."

Mind Trap

  • "Everyone at T.U.F.F. hates me! Except Agent Nutz. He thinks I'm a duck."
  • "Holy mackerel! This cookie has mackerel in it!"

Kid Stuff

  • "A minute? That's like, forty seconds right?"
  • "An hour?! Oh, it's daylight savings time! That's four hundred and eight minutes!"

Super Duper Crime Busters

  • "Aaaah! My face is bleeding!"
  • "Psycho dog! Vengeance will be mine!" (tasers)

Mission: Really Big Mission

Frisky Business

  • "And you sacrifice will not go unrewarded! It's been an honor working with you Keswick!"

Hot Dog

  • "I'm hot too." (mirror in front of The Chief cracks)
  • "Can someone call The Chameleon? I spent all my credit talking with the Ladybug I met at the gym."

Disobedience School

  • "We are!"
  • "Yeah! Even the line at the bathroom is an adrenaline rush!"
  • "That's $11,000 dollars I'll never see again!"

The Dog Who Cried Fish

  • "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse!"

Doom and Gloom

  • "Oh thanks, Murray. You've made a middle aged flea happy."

Law and Odor

  • "Actually we just asked him to take a shower but then he made a big stink about it and left vowing revenge."
  • "Ahh! Nerve toxin!" (After drinking the cup with nerve toxin)

The Rat Pack

Booby Trap

The Curse of King Mutt

Bored of Education

Snappy Campers

Lucky Duck

  • "Why was I born?"

A Doomed Christmas

Big Dog on Campus

Dog's Best Friend

The Chief

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