• "Mealworm!" (Doom-mates)
  • "It is I, the Cham-ah-lee-on! Oh, Drat! I mean the Chameleon!" (Doom-mates)
  • "Ooh, ladybug!" (various episodes)
  • "As they say in France, OW-La-la!" (Puppy Love)
  • "Ooh, silverfish!" (various episodes)
  • "Ooh, the irony. I must resist the urge to eat myself. Well, maybe just a nibble. OW! How can something that tastes so good feel so bad?" (Toast of T.U.F.F.)
  • "(as General Warthog) (singing) ♪Involuntary skipping!♪ (crying) Uncontrollable weeping and a sudden craving for pickles!" (Internal Affairs)
  • (preparing the Fifi Oui Oui camo) Perfect! What's not perfect is that french puddles can't stick to walls. (falls down) As the french say! Ow-la-la!" (Puppy Love)
  • (As Fifi Oui Oui) "Bon Jovi! I look forward to destroying --- I mean working with you. Notre Dame. Jacques Cousteau." (Puppy Love)
  • "I fooled them all! Now to make my escape!" (Puppy Love)
  • (As Fifi Oui Oui) Oh, I'll give him a chance.(Kitty leaves) A chance to go KABLOOIE! (Puppy Love)
  • "You should really be arresting that bear!" (The Doomies)
  • "Oh, right. That's diabolical. I'm an evil villain. (Puts on a pea coat, matching hat and red and white striped scarf) Fear me in my new pea coat." (Hot Dog)
  • "And pay attention agent Katswell, I didn't turn them into vegetables." (Bored of Education)
  • "Now if you excuse me, I'm going to set up my new splash and play swim set. I stole it!" (Hot Dog)
  • "It's the Man!" (Frisky Business)
  • Now, because my plan of blowing up Pluto didn't imress you, I will blow up the Sun. (Lucky Duck)
  • "I had a Pumpkin Latte and a cranberry scone, but take your time." (Lucky Duck)
  • "The Lonely Lizard found a friend after all." (Guard Dog)
  • "You know what's not very clever? Turning into a trash can near a baby changing station." (Guard Dog)
  • "It's/that's clever!" (various episodes)
  • I'll steal the night vision googles (they fail to fit). Ah, they only work during night. (Bored of Education)
  • "Snaptrap, you work on Agent Puppy. Leave Kitty Katswell to me.. Can I get a Team Evil on three?" (The Curse of King Mutt)
  • "Well done genius! Now I have to wrap myself up in toilet paper!" (The Curse of King Mutt)
  • (singing) So happy, so happy...... (interrupted by Snaptrap) (Mission: Really Big Mission)
  • (turning into a Double Decker bus) "Hihihi....I am a double-decker Chameleon. Now with two levels of evil!" (Dog Save The Queen)
  • "Yay! I'm helping!" (Mission: Really Big Mission)
The Chameleon

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