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The Chameleon
Gender: Male
Eye color:       Red
Species: Chameleon
Personal Information
Host of the Evil Shopping Channel
Telephone Salesman (Formally)
  Petropolis, CA
  Weird Lizard Man (Bored of Education)
Love Interests:
  Charmaine (girlfriend)
  Eating bugs,
Having friends,
Getting revenge on Kitty Katswell and all of T.U.F.F.,
Camille (sister)
Production Information
First Appearance:
Last Appearance:
  Sweet Revenge
Voiced by:
Daran Norris

Pietro Ubaldi (Italian Dub)

“It is I, the Cham-ah-lee-on! Oh, drat! I mean, the Chameleon!”
The Chameleon, Doom-mates

The Chameleon is the central antagonist of T.U.F.F. Puppy who is a hitman and was hired by Verminious Snaptrap to get revenge on Kitty for putting him in jail (reasons unknown). He can disguise himself as any person or object using his transformation suit.


Like the Spider-Man villain he shares his name with, the Chameleon is a master of disguise, and like Zartan from the G.I. Joe comics and movies, he has the power to shape-shift because he possesses a Molecular Transformation Suit that allows him to shape-shift. However, his power isn't what freaks his enemies out. It's the fact that his eyes never stay in the same place twice. His voice is a parody of Hungarian-born actor Peter Lorre. He has the ability to change his color to blend into his surroundings at will, much like most chameleons, making him invisible. The Chameleon has a constant attention of making friends with anyone, being always rejected and left alone.

The Chameleon also has reptilian abilities, he can stick to and climb walls like a Gecko, and he can also use his long tongue as a weapon, to grab objects or trap people.


In his initial debut Keswick described The Chameleon as a criminal genius and master of disguise. He was shown to be vengeful, bitter, intelligent, vain, crafty, malicious, and overall a lot more of a threat then Snaptrap or any other villain introduced up until that point. He was even shown to be able to go toe-to-toe with Kitty Katswell, one of T.U.F.F.s' most competent field agent.

The Chameleon is diabolic...

Despite this, he was still shown to be absent minded at times such as turning into a puppy while sticking onto the outside window at T.U.F.F. and falling upon realizing puppies can't stick to walls, turning into a shark in the middle of a beach and almost suffocating to death, and once used his chameleon tongue to eat a spider while he was disguised as General Warthog right in front of the other army soldiers. He's was also shown to be petty to a degree (as petty revenge is usually his main motive for committing a crime) as he robbed a gas station for a hot dog he very easily could've bought, eating a captured General Warthog's pizza bagels right in front of him while disguised as him, taking the time to steal pens and toner from T.U.F.F. right after setting off a bomb and refusing to give them up in prison, deciding to blow up Petropolis falls because he had a lousy vacation and broke his neck in two places, attempting to blow up a parade simply because the spectators ruin his lawn (and the clowns creep him out),and tried to turn the city into a desert because he couldn't enjoy winter, being a cold-blooded lizard (though in his defense he could risk freezing to death in the winter if not properly dressed). He is also very easily distracted by insects and will immediately drop whatever he's doing to eat a tasty looking bug, which he'll nab with his tongue, much like a real chameleon though this usually is distracting enough to give Dudley and Kitty the upper hand at times.

Despite being a villain, he's pretty friendly if not a bit eccentric. When he's around other people he considers or is hoping to be his friend he's usually over joyed to have the company and tries his best to accommodate them. Even to his enemies, he's pretty friendly at times as he willing let Dudley go and gave him a juice box when he noticed Dudley was crying in Sob Story and felt genuinely betrayed when he found out Dudley was lying. He's possibly the most optimistic villain on the show, choosing to always look on the brighter side of a poor situation or crime gone bad and is mostly law abiding until he feels like he's been wronged in someway and will go for revenge.

...but, is also very lonely

He is also portrayed as very lonely as his only reason for wanting revenge on D.O.O.M. in Share-A-Lair is that they neglected to invite him to their ice cream social, In Dead or a Lie his only motivation to break out of jail was to hang out with Snaptrap and Bird Brain, in Happy Howl-O-Ween when he had the entire city ready to meet his demands, all he wanted was 10 thousand friend on face-beak and in a A Doomed Christmas he was eccentric to spend Christmas with the other criminals in jail or not. he is shown to constantly trying to gain the friendship of fellow villains, namely Bird Brain and Snaptrap, but it never works out for him as both Bird Brain and Snaptrap have admitted that they think the chameleon is a loser and usually keep him out of activities that aren't related to any scheme. It was also reveled in Dead or a Lie That the cops and T.U.F.F. agents usually forget to confiscate his suit and that he could just brake out whenever he wanted but simply doesn't because it usually the only way the other criminals will hang out with him, as all he really wants is a friend.

Remind you of anyone?

Once When he disguised himself into the Mayor in Dudley Do-Wrong he was overjoyed at all the love and attention that was brought to him as mayor, and while he initially planned to keep the persona until he could destroy T.U.F.F., but decided he was going keep it for as long as he possibly could so he could forever be loved and admired. This aspect was further explored in Guard Dog where The Chameleon tells Dudley (in the form of a pop-up children's book) that all he's ever wanted was a friend and tried his best to befriend him, much to Dudley's annoyance.


The Chameleon is a tall, and lanky chameleon with bright green with grayish-green lips. His eyes are yellow with red irises. His face has green dots. He wears the Molecular Transformation Suit which is black with green circuits. He's one of the taller character's on the show, and seems to be about Kitty's height (if not a bit shorter) but is taller than Dudley.

Relationships with Other Characters (Alphabetically)

Bird Brain

The Chameleon has worked with Bird Brain on several occasions. He seems to get along with him better than he does with Snaptrap, though Bird Brain has been shown to get annoyed by The Chameleons constant attempts at making friends with him and bluntly said he considered The Chameleon a loser in Dead or a Lie.

Camille (sister)

The Chameleon has only once spoken about his sister, who apparently turned into a blender to avoid talking to him. This isn't yet proven since it's not truly known if she actually turned into a blender or just ran away from his obsessive talking, but either way it can be assumed that their relationship wasn't the best.

Charmaine (girlfriend)

According to the only episode she appears in Time Waits for No Mutt, she is only in it for his money and doesn't seem to actually care for him or his well being.

Dudley Puppy

The Chameleon hugging Dudley Puppy

The Chameleon doesn't see Dudley as too much of a threat, but he can be annoyed by his behavior and constant accusing judgment. He was pretty disgusted though, when he learned that Dudley had a crush on him in Puppy Love. However, when Snaptrap tried to get his revenge on The Chameleon for framing him of a crime he didn't commit, he was shackled to Dudley and tried to make good friends with him, but Dudley found his needy and clingy nature annoying, but by the end of the episode accepted him despite his faults. Out of all the villains on the show He seems to be on the best of terms with Dudley and once even called him his friend, He willing played along with Dudleys Lie in Dead or a Lie (even though there was no way for The Chameleon to benefit from the lie at the time), he tried to comfort a distraught Dudley when Woodchuck Norris called him a terrible agent in Acting TUFF, he stopped monologuing in Hot Dog to complement Dudleys fur, and they even danced together in a Dance, Dance, Blast the Ants competition...before he betrayed Dudley to get his revenge on the arcade manager. They both also have the common trait of being an amazing dancer and they share the constant need for other people's attention.

Kitty Katswell

Being the one who originally threw him in jail for the first time, The Chameleon despises Kitty. As such she was the first person he went after as soon as he was released from prison in Doom-mates, and nearly defeated her had it not been for Dudley. After that episode, he seems to target T.U.F.F. in general. However, the two of them are shown to have a sort of rivalry with each other, as he can be seen taunting her during some of their encounters. Though he may have seemingly gotten over the grudge against her or simply forgotten as he seemed willing to befriend Kitty in Guard Dog.

Verminious Snaptrap

The Chameleon doesn't always get along with Snaptrap, but is often just as happy to have his (or any) company. In Mission: Really Big Mission he does everything to try to help Snaptrap, but Snaptrap just uses The Chameleon for his own needs. Snaptrap even said in A Doomed Christmas that he thinks The Chameleon is a loser. He seems to get annoyed at his attempts to make friends and even told him that he needs to find some self esteem in Happy Howl-O-Ween, implying that he finds The Chameleon's lack of self confidence sad and pitiful, and then blatantly told him that they're not friends and only invited The Chameleon so he could pay for gas, which he happily does. Snaptrap also had no issue with trying to put an end to The Chameleon when he came fourth as a witness to one of Snaptraps crime in Guard Dog, but just as well The Chameleon had no issue with having an innocent Snaptrap locked up, just to get rid of his criminal competition, and in Share-A-Lair had no issue with risking Snaptrap and his fellow members at D.O.O.M. life's to get revenge at T.U.F.F.