To use this template, enter the following and fill in the appropriate fields. Most fields left blank will not show up. Don't forget to include brackets, to make the fields into links.
Type {{infobox episode|<...>}} somewhere, with parameters as shown below.
Sample output
{{Infobox episode
|production design=
|art direction=
|music direction=

Will result in:

"Infobox episode/doc"
Season {{{season}}}, Episode

How to use
Title: The title of the episode.
Image: An image of the episode's title card.
Caption: Not necessary
Episode: Episode production number

The following typically are listed during the title card sequence, when the title card changes to show the names of staff members.

creator: Series creator (for Crash Nebula only)
Story: Name of the person who wrote the story of an episode (rare)
Writer: The writer(s) of an episode.
Storyboard: The storyboard artists of an episode.
Director: The director of an episode.
Producer: The producer(s) of an episode.
Production design: The producer of an episode.
Art direction: The art director (Usually George Goodchild or Bob Boyle)
Music direction: The music director (Usually Guy Moon)
Airdate: The date the episode debuted. This is usually the American airdate, but not always.
Previous: The preceding episode.
Next: The next episode.
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