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How to use

Name: The full name of the character.
Color: Creates a special background color for the template header. See Template:Changechar for more info.
Image: A screenshot of the character.
Caption: A caption that appears under the screenshot. Useful if there are more than one person in the image. (example: This is a picture of Kitty (left) and Dudley (right))
Hair color/Eye color: Hair and eye color of character. (there are also three additional slots for more hair colors, use haircolor1, eyecolor1 and haircolor2, eyecolor2, and up to 3)
Haircolorbox/Eyecolorbox: These are special values for the hair color/eye color colored boxes. If no text or color value is given, then the box will fill out automatically from what the regular hair color/eye color value was. This is useful for instances where character's hair or eye color has changed (the additional slots outlined may also be filled out this method, haircolorbox2, eyecolorbox2, ect.)
Aliases: Any alternate names/identities this character goes by.
Gender: Male/Female/Neutral/Unknown
Species: Species of the character.
Age: The character's age.
Birthday: The day of the character's birthday.
Affiliations: Who do the work for, what family/organization are they a part of, and/or what other characters they are usually seen with.
Enemies: Known enemies of this character.
Occupation: The character's job occupation.
Homeworld: The planet the character is from.
Residence: The city the character is from, as well as the house that they live in if shown.
Interests: What this character usually is doing when they are shown on the show.
Goal: If this character has a goal on the show.

Parents: This character's mother and father if known.
Grandparents: This character's grandparents.
Spouses: The character's husband or wife.
Children: The character's children.
Grandchildren: The character's grandchildren.
Siblings: This character's siblings, natural or through marriage.
Pets: The names of any pets, or types of pets if the name is unknown, that this character owns.
Others: Any other relationships not listed, example: Uncle, Niece, Nephew, Aunt
First: The first episode that this character appeared in.
Last: If this character has not appeared for a significant amount of time, or they only appeared in one or two episodes, this is for the last episode they were seen in.
Voiced by: Whoever this character is voice acted by.


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