Tammy is a secretary rabbit. She has, so far, appeared in Toast of T.U.F.F., Thunder Dog, The Wrong Stuff, The Spelling Bee, Organized Crime and T.U.F.F. Love. She was, for a little while, R.I.T.A.'s secretary. She speaks with sort of a Southern accent. She is voiced by Grey Griffin and by Debora Magnaghi in the Italian Dub. She's an only sane woman along with Kitty.





Tammy's original design

  • When she first appeared in Toast of T.U.F.F. she is seen wearing a light blue, short sleeve, collar shirt and skirt, a handkerchief on her neck, a blue bracelet on her left and right arm, white fur, blue eyes, and had buckteeth. In Thunder Dog, while she was saying hello to Keswick, she is seen wearing a long, sleeve dark purple, shirt and skirt that reaches down to her feet, yellow fur, and her buckteeth are gone. In The Wrong Stuff, she is seen wearing magenta, brown hair, green eyes, and her buckteeth are back.
  • She's been ship teased with Keswick.
  • She is one of the only characters to change outfits in the series with Owl being another example of this.
  • Because of the way she greeted Keswick in Thunder Dog she may have a crush on him.
  • Tammy is similar to Miss Moneypenny from the James Bond series because of their clever personalities.
  • She is shown to deny her crush on Keswick in Organized Crime where New showed her a scrambler that depicted an image of what their baby would look like, and she said: "Oh, you're so zany and random with your fake situations that would never happen in a million years." But she later kissed him after his invention saved her in the end.
  • In T.U.F.F. Love, she was a bit freaked out when Keswick got a little clingy, trying to impress and win her over. She later fell for him as he saved her life from her robot counterpart. They are now a couple.


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