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|Desc=Kitty, Keswick and the Chief not support that Dudley yell all the time, so Keswick decides to put Dudley a collar that blocks his voice, but in the worst moment the Caped Cod tries to flood Petropolis.
|Desc=Kitty, Keswick and the Chief do not support that Dudley yell all the time, so Keswick decides to put Dudley a collar that blocks his voice, but in the worst moment the Caped Cod tries to flood Petropolis.

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The second season of T.U.F.F. Puppy premiered on December 10, 2011 with the airing of A Doomed Christmas. This season will contain 20 production pairs.


Title Card Name Villains Code Premiered
A Doomed Christmas Title Card.png A Doomed Christmas Verminious Snaptrap
Bird Brain
The Chameleon
121 December 10, 2011

Petropolis' villains team up to hi-jack Christmas. So that means Dudley and Kitty will have to stop them and save Santa and his elves right before midnight or nobody will get presents this year!

Big Dog On Campus Title Card.png Big Dog on Campus Lunch Lady Bug 122A January 16, 2012

Dudley has to go undercover as a nerdy loser at his high school reunion to find the villain who is threatening to annihilate everyone there.

Dogs Best Friend Title Card.png Dog's Best Friend Verminious Snaptrap
122B January 16, 2012

Dudley becomes friends with a robot that Verminious Snaptrap sent to destroy T.U.F.F.

Dudley Do-Wrong Title Card.png Dudley Do-Wrong The Chameleon 123A May 6, 2012

The Chameleon impersonates Mayor Teddy Bear and closes down T.U.F.F. HQ, turning all of Petropolis against our heroes. Dudley and the gang at T.U.F.F. keeps working together to defeat the Chameleon and save the real mayor.

Puppy Unplugged Title Card.png Puppy Unplugged Bird Brain
123B May 6, 2012

Bird Brain plunges the world into a technology-less void. It's up to Kitty, Dudley and some alien technology to get Petropolis power back up and online!

Top Dog Title Card.png Top Dog F.L.O.P.P. 124A May 20, 2012

While Dudley overzealously takes over for a sick Chief, the Fiendish League Of Potential Perpetrators, or F.L.O.P.P. for short, attempts to make their first crime debut!

Quack in the Box Title Card.png Quack in the Box Quacky the Duck
Sharing Moose
124B May 20, 2012

Quacky and Sharing Moose are back to get revenge on Dudley for putting them in jail. They opened up a fast food chain and try to frame Dudley for taking out the competition!

Monkey Business Title Card.png Monkey Business Bird Brain
125A April 21, 2012

A popular boy band needs T.U.F.F. to protect them, but Dudley is no fan of their's.

Diary of a Mad Cat Title card.png Diary of a Mad Cat Bird Brain
The Chameleon
125B April 21, 2012

Dudley erroneously leaks out Kitty's diary in a mass e-mail, exposing all of her vulnerabilities to her foes.

Titlecard-Lie Like a Dog.jpg Lie Like a Dog Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
126A May 27, 2012

Dudley constantly lies about having a dentist appointment to get out of work at T.U.F.F., but he ends up stopping villains while he is relaxing, and he has to conceal his identity when he is caught on camera, and he can't claim the rewards he is offered for fear of exposure.

Titlecard-Cold Fish.jpg Cold Fish The Caped Cod 126B May 27, 2012

The Caped Cod breaks free and threatens to flood the whole city of Petropolis by melting the Riceberg Ice bird Iceberg.

Pup Daddy Title Card.png Pup Daddy Verminious Snaptrap
201A June 3, 2012

Dudley accidentally turns Kitty, The Chief, and Keswick into children with The Young Gun.

Candy Cane-ine Title Card.png Candy Cane-ine The Chameleon 201B June 3, 2012

Willy Wombat enlists T.U.F.F.'s help to test his security system he's using to protect his new top secret candy, The Atomic Bomb Pop.

Freaky Spy-Day Title Card.png Freaky Spy-Day Jack Rabbit
Verminious Snaptrap
202A May 13, 2012

Dudley overhears a voicemail message from Kitty's old partner, Jack Rabbit, asking her to meet up, but Dudley's convinced he's up to no good. Using The Brain Switcher, Dudley switches brains with Kitty and spends the day with Jack in Kitty's body.

Dog Tired Title Card.png Dog Tired Verminious Snaptrap
202B May 13, 2012

When Verminious Snaptrap gets his hands on a Dream Destroyer, he plans on using it to make Dudley's dreams so good he never wants to wake up.

Dog House Title Card.png Dog House Verminious Snaptrap 203A TBA

Snaptrap tries to get close to Dudley under the disguise of a new roommate!

ComingSoon.png Time Waits for No Mutt Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
Bird Brain
203B TBA

After always being constantly late, Dudley is warned by the Chief that if he's late one more time he's fired. So Dudley must try to get to work on time but the villains plan to stop him at all costs.

ComingSoon.png Love Bird Bird Brain 204A TBA

Bird Brain shoots people with a special gun, causing them to fall in love with him, and Dudley helps him after becoming his first victim.

ComingSoon.png Bluff Puppy F.L.O.P.P. 204B TBA


Bark to the Future Title Card.png Bark to the Future The Chameleon 205A October 13, 2012

Keswick is working on an invention that will allow the T.U.F.F. agents to see the Chameleon no matter what he turns into. In an effort to get his hands on the invention, the Chameleon turns into Dudley and convinces him that he's future Dudley.

Lights Camera Quacktion Title Card.png Lights, Camera, Quacktion Quacky the Duck
Sharing Moose
205B October 13, 2012

Quacky the Duck and the Sharing Moose cast the T.U.F.F. agents in their latest movie, "Not a Real Movie," in a genius ploy to get the agents to steal the gold and frame them.

ComingSoon.png Close Encounters of the Doomed Kind Verminious Snaptrap
206A TBA

Dudley and Keswick communicate with aliens, whose ship Snaptrap seizes to create chaos.

ComingSoon.png Golden Retriever Verminious Snaptrap 206B TBA

D.O.O.M. search for a gold nugget in a town from the Old West, and their actions could result in the town collapsing.

ComingSoon.png Rat Trap Verminious Snaptrap 207A TBA

Dudley and Kitty feel sorry for Snaptrap when he is ridiculed by the family he desperately wants to impress.

ComingSoon.png Agent of the Year Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
Bird Brain
207B TBA

Dudley and Kitty find out they've made the same number of arrests and are tied for the Agent of the Year award. But there can be only one agent who will win the award, so Dudley and Kitty both go on an arresting-spree to see who will win the award.

ComingSoon.png TUFF Choices Verminious Snaptrap
208A TBA

Snaptrap uses an Indecision Ray on T.U.F.F. and it works, leaving them unsure about fighting crime.

ComingSoon.png Sob Story Verminious Snaptrap
The Chameleon
208B TBA

Dudley manipulates others with fake tears, but soon his excessive crying makes his superiors question his ability to fight crime.

ComingSoon.png Hush Puppy The Caped Cod 209A TBA

Kitty, Keswick and the Chief do not support that Dudley yell all the time, so Keswick decides to put Dudley a collar that blocks his voice, but in the worst moment the Caped Cod tries to flood Petropolis.

ComingSoon.png Quacky Birthday Quacky the Duck
Sharing Moose
209B TBA

Just a few days will be the Dudley's birthday, and Quacky the Duck & Sharing Moose come to offer a false place to celebrate his birthday. Meanwhile some are stealing party objects, Dudley learns Quacky and Sharing Moose are the thieves, but Quacky blackmails him saying that if they are arrested, he will can not celebrate his birthday.

Howl-O-Ween Title Card.png Happy Howl-O-Ween Verminious Snaptrap
Bird Brain
The Chameleon
210 October 27, 2012

Snaptrap and his thieving cohorts steal all the Halloween candy in Petropolis. Meanwhile, Keswick creates a candy-craving horde of zombies—it’s up to Dudley and Kitty to sniff out the villains and fight off the sugar-jonesing undead before Halloween is ruined.

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