• Dudley: "Hey there TV fans! I'm T.U.F.F. agent and super duper crime buster... Duppy Putley! Wait! Can we cut that?" (Off Air - Take 2) "Dudey Pupley!" (Off Air - Take 14) "Dippy Poodles!" (Off Air - Take 478)" (with hand over his eyes in frustration) "DUDLEY PUPPY! Wait, is that right?" (cameraman nods) "YEAH!"



  • The Chief: "VENGEANCE!"
  • Dudley: 'Hey camera guy, you look tense."
  • Dudley: "Now let's meet my partner, Agent Kitty Katswell. Or as the Chief calls her, the 'Stable One'."
  • Kitty: "Elite crime fighting super agent, Kitty Katswell, reporting for duty."
  • Keswick: "Just making smoke bombs for Kitty. I should building a f-f-forcefield against alien invasions; but noooo. Ms. 'Nowhere and everywhere' wants to make f-f-f-fancy exits."
  • Dudley: "'Psycho Dog' is my under-cover name."
  • Kitty: "I forget, is that a 'Crime in Progress' or a 'Chimp in Pittsburgh'?"
  • Kitty: "Let's roll, smoke bomb."
  • The Chameleon: "Oh, excuse me genius; but a carton of eggs counts as one item."
  • Dudley: "Kitty, we can see you in the dairy section!"
  • Dudley: "Yeah, I've seen the tape, we're going with Keswcik."
  • Dudley: *coughs* "How many of those do you have?!"
  • Keswick: "IT IS I, Dr. Appleclaips.'
  • Dudley: "APOCALYPSE! Oh, forget it."
  • Dudley: *cries* "We can't stop it Kitty! I'm scared and I wanna go home!"
  • The Chief: "This never would have happened if I played the villain."
  • Dudley: "Another T.U.F.F. mission accomplished. Let's celebrate with some music."
  • Dudley: "Tell it to the judge, Chameleon!"

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