• The episode's title is a play on "sore loser", in which a person who complains or blaming people for their loss.
  • Dudley's high-pitched scream resembles that to Mr. Turner's high-ptiched scream from The Fairly Oddparents, another Butch Hartman cartoon.
  • Pig and Dolphin is a parody of Tom and Jerry, and "The End" card featuring the two characters resembles Chuck Jones' Tom and Jerry cartoon from 1963-1967.
  • This is the fifth episode to feature a a live-action dolphin. The first time is Purr-fect Partners, the second time is Doom-mates, the third time is Hot Dog and the fourth time is Barking Tall.
  • This the second appearance of The President, the first being Carbon Copies.
  • The skatebird is a play on both words "skateboard" and "bird".
  • Bird Brain has a CD cover titled "Criminal Record."
  • We learned that Bird Brain has a heart attack.

Running Gags

  • Skatebirds not being able to fly.
  • Bird Brain getting everything all wrong.
  • Dudley listening to Bird Brain sing children's songs on his phone.


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