Snaptrapolis in Watch Dog.

Snaptrapolis was (in the alternate universe featured in Watch Dog) formerly Petropolis, now ruled and renamed by Verminious Snaptrap.

The city is covered by a heavy blanket of smog. Its dystopic landscape is populated by dull buildings and giant Snaptrap-shaped structures. Towering over the rest of the city is Snaptrap's Palace. It's also home to numerous Snaptrap-themed stores such as Snaptraps Coffee, Bob's Big Rat and Snaptastic Gifts, to name a few.

Snaptrap's rule was enforced by his army of Snapbots and airships that patrolled the sky. Although none of the city's citizens made any appearances during Watch Dog, The Chief, Kitty Katswell, and Keswick made appearances as Snaptrap's butler, secretary and nugget chef, respectively.

As Dudley eventually defeated Snaptrap and restored the alternate timeline to the status quo, it is unlikely that Snaptrapolis will make a future appearance.

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