"Snappy Campers (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 36
Snappy Campers Title Card.png
Production Code: 119A
Airdate: September 17, 2011
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
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This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Snappy Campers" from Season 1. It aired on September 17, 2011.


  • (episode starts at T.U.F.F. headquarters; daytime)
  • (Dudley, Kitty and Keswick are standing by; Dudley bites his buttocks)
  • The Chief: (appears) "Agents start packing!"
  • Dudley: "I knew it! We're fired." (to the Chief) "I'm sorry I barfed in your shoes."
  • The Chief: "You're not fired, you're going to camp! Now what's this about barfing in my shoes?"
  • Dudley: "(holding the Chief's vomit-filled shoes) Nothing. (tosses them away; whistles)"
  • The Chief: "We've received intel that Snaptrap has enrolled in a summer camp." (hands postcard of Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo sent by Snaptrap, to Dudley) "We need you, to go undercover as campers and find out what he's up to." (image on monitor changes) "The camp's surrounded by a dynamite factory, a nuclear reactor, and an 88¢ store.
  • Kitty: "What's dangerous about an 88¢ store?"
  • Keswick: "They sell bombs for 88 cents." (points to screen)
  • The Chief: "Good luck agents."
  • Kitty: (determined) "C'mon Dudley."
  • Dudley: "Wait Kitty... everyone knows that before you go to camp you have to sew nametags into your underwear."
  • Keswick: "Already took care of it."
  • (Dudley and Kitty check their underwear; their nametags are sewn onto them)
  • Dudley: (quiet) "When did you do this?"
  • Keswick: "About 2 am. I thought it would be creepy if I did it while you were awake."
  • (Dudley and Kitty step onto an outfit changing station, which instantaneously dresses them as campers)
  • Dudley: "C'mon Kitty, there's no telling what diabolical crime Snaptrap's planning."
  • (quick transition to D.O.O.M. dressed as campers, travelling in a camp bus)
  • Snaptrap: "I'm not planning a diabolical crime. I'm just going back to the camp where I was unfairly ridiculed as a child."
  • Francisco: "Why is that boss?"
  • Snaptrap: "To get revenge, Francisco. I still remember the sting of the other campers' taunts like it was yesterday..terday..terday."
  • (flashback to Snaptrap's childhood at Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo; campers are gathered around a fire)
  • Camp Counselor: "And the winner of this summer's Camp Champ Award for best camper is... everyone but Verminious Snaptrap!"
  • (everyone but Snaptrap cheers)
  • Young Snaptrap: (shoves the other campers) "This is an outrage! I demand to know why I didn't win!"
  • Camp Counselor: "You bullied the junior campers, cheated at every camp competition and you blew up the mess hall."
  • (shown are falling nachoes and smoldering ruin of the mess hall)
  • Young Snaptrap: "Well sure, it was nacho night and I'm allergic to cheese."
  • Campers: (in unison) "SNAPTRAP STINKS! SNAPTRAP STINKS!"
  • (flashback ends)
  • Larry: (cheering) "Snaptrap stinks! Snaptrap stinks!"
  • Snaptrap: (fuming) "FLASHBACK'S OVER, LARRY!"
  • (Larry is kicked out of the bus, falls off a cliff and into a pine forest)
  • Larry: (screams and then hits the ground) "It's pointy down here!"
  • Snaptrap: (still in bus) "I got so angry about losing, I developed a nervous twitch. Luckily I'm over it.." (twitches nervously, then smiles)
  • (bus arrives at Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo, everyone exits)
  • Snaptrap: (carrying bags; sighs) "Last time I saw this place I was looking through the back window of a paddywagon... as flaming nacho chips fell from the sky.. You can't buy memories like that."
  • Ollie: (points) "Boss, why don't you get your revenge by blowing up the dynamite factory or the nuclear reactor? The explosion would destroy the entire camp."
  • Snaptrap: (looks at award on table) "No, my revenge will be finally winning that Camp Champ Award. But if that doesn't work we'll do your thing."
  • (Snaptrap, Ollie and Francisco head inside the camp with their bags; another bus arrives, Dudley zips out immediately)
  • Dudley: "This camp is AWESOME!" (to Kitty) "What super fun activity do you want to do first?" (runs around doing activities) "Paddle boats? Arts and crafts? Dancing?" (kid tries to fend off wasps) "No wait that kid's not dancing he got stung by a wasp."
  • Kitty: "Forget the camp stuff, Dudley. We need to find Snaptrap."
  • Dudley: (somewhere off-screen) "Yay!"
  • Kitty: "Dudley?"
  • Dudley: (at camp table with kids; to Kitty) "Look, I made a potholder all by myself! Well, the potholders were alreadydone but I wrote my name on one!" (holds a potholder with "DOODIE" written on it)
  • (Kitty is somewhat irritated; announcement is made via PA system)
  • PA System: "Attention campers, the first event of the Camp Champ tournament is the sack race starting in two minutes!"
  • Kitty: (sees D.O.O.M. preparing for race) "Dudley, there's Snaptrap!"
  • Dudley: "Gimme a sec, I'm making a matching oven mitt!" ("DIPPY" written on mitt)
  • Kitty: "C'mon!" (pulls Dudley along)
  • (quick cut)
  • Snaptrap: (to D.O.O.M.; wearing a sack) "Rest easy fellas, that Camp Champ Award is ours. And by ours I mean mine! Now, to sabotage the other campers..with the electric eels I bought at the 88¢ store." (hops to other campers dropping electric eels into their sacks) "Good luck, good luuck! Break a leg! Seriously, break a leg. I ran out of eels."
  • (Dudley and Kitty are observing from a distance)
  • Kitty: (worried) "Snaptrap's trying to take out the kids with cheap eels.. I've got just the thing to stop him. T.R.U.S.T."
  • Dudley: "Are you kidding? You can't trust Snaptrap - he's a bad guy."
  • Kitty: (takes out a Swiss Army knife-like gadget) "No, T.R.U.S.T. - the T.U.F.F. Recreational Ultimate Survival Tool. It's only a prototype, but Keswick assured me it wouldn't malfunction. I'll just use the freeze ray to freeze the eels." (presses button, tent unfolds onto Kitty)
  • Kitty: (in tent) "Okay, slight malfunction." (bright white light) "Wow, I've never seen a tent with a chandelier."(explosion) "AAGH!"
  • Dudley: (pulls Kitty out) "If you're done playing, we can take out those eels with my matching potholder and oven mitt.. That I made myself!"
  • (quick cut to cat counselor blowing whistle to start the race)
  • (campers and Snaptrap start sack racing, followed by Dudley and Kitty)
  • (electric eels shock two campers, stopping them; Dudley and Kitty catch up, remove the eels from their sacks and flings them into Snaptrap's sack, electrocuting him just as he is about to win and allowing the other campers to finish ahead; campers cheer)
  • (Snaptrap is lying on the ground, having just fallen short)
  • Ollie: (unsympathetic) "Oh.. you lost boss."
  • (Snaptrap is twitching)
  • Larry: "And your twitch is back."
  • Snaptrap: "That's not the twitch, it's the eel. (twitches) "That was the twitch." (shocked) "Another eel." (twitches) "Twitch." (shocked) "Eel."
  • (cut to Kitty sitting on log at campfire)
  • Kitty: (communicating via wristcom) "Keswick, so far the only thing Snaptrap is doing is cheating at camp events."
  • Keswick: (via wristcom) "Well, we can't arrest him for that, but keep an eye on him in case he's up b-beh-bigger."
  • Kitty: "Wait a minute.. are you in my house?"
  • Keswick: "Mhm." (watching Desperate Housepets) "I recorded some TV shows the other night while I was g-g-going through drawers. Do you have any popcorn? It's not for me, it's for the Chief."
  • The Chief: (pops in, holding a plunger) "Hey Agent Katswell, your toilet's broken."
  • Kitty: "Get out of my house!"
  • Dudley: "Kitty I've got intel. Okay, it's not intel it's s'mores. I brought you one but I accidentally ate it. This one's mine." (eats)
  • PA System: "Attention campers, the next Camp Champ event is archery.. starting in one minute."
  • (cut to archery range)
  • (Snaptrap sneakily places oil lamp on target, then walks off to his henchmen)
  • Snaptrap: (to D.O.O.M.) "I'm gonna use these heatseeking arrows to annihilate my competition. Then I'll use this Pete-seeking to take out that kid named Pete." (orange cat shown) "He cut in front of me in the lunch line."
  • (Kitty and Dudley are observing from behind a totem pole)
  • Kitty: "Uh-oh, Snaptrap's got heatseeking arrows! We've gotta stop him!" (presses button on TRUST; T.U.F.F. jeep comes out, crushing Kitty)
  • Dudley: "I was gonna give you this s'more, but since your hands are pinned under a jeep, I'll eat it." (stuffs into mouth) "Ow, it's hot!"
  • Kitty: (pops out of hubcap) "That's it! Throw the s'mores at Snaptrap; the heat will attract the arrow."
  • (other campers fire their arrows, missing)
  • Snaptrap: "Ha! Check this out." (fires arrow away from target)
  • (heatseeking arrows locks onto lamp and flies through air; Dudley throws the s'more onto Snaptrap's nose)
  • Snaptrap: (tastes with finger) "A s'more. I'm really hungry, since I didn't get lunch, PETE!"
  • (heatseeking arrow re-targets itself; pursues Snaptrap, who screams and runs away)
  • Snaptrap: (running over the M-shaped roof of the dynamite factory) "Who builds a roof like this?!"
  • (falls onto road; lands in a manhole, spinning the cover shut and shielding himself from the blast)
  • Snaptrap: (pops out) "Phew. That was close." (struck by an 88¢ store truck)
  • (transition to Kitty sitting on a tree branch, observing the canoe race preparations with binoculars)
  • (Dudley climbs up tree)
  • Dudley: "Kitty, I made you this in pottery class!" (pulls out figurine) "I call it, The Death of Art. Actually, that's what the counselor called it. I thought it was a unicorn."
  • Kitty: (returns to surveillance; sees Larry and Ollie drilling holes in the other campers' canoes) "Uh-oh, Snaptrap is sabotaging the camp canoes! We have to stop him!" (presses a button on the TRUST, which activates a buzzsaw that cuts the branch off causing her to fall) "Aaagh!"
  • Dudley: "Kitty, use the first aid button!"
  • Kitty: (flames) "Aaaahh! Blow torch!"
  • (quick cut to D.O.O.M. and canoe racers at pier, ready for race)
  • Snaptrap: "I might not have won anything yet, but if the other campers are unable to attend the awards ceremony, they'll have to declare me the winner! Can I get a whoop whoop? Whoop whoop or perish!"
  • Larry, Ollie and Francisco: (unemphatically) "Whoop whoop."
  • PA System: "The Camp Champ canoe race is about to start."
  • Snaptrap: (to campers) "Good luck everybody, especially you Pete." (to Ollie) "Whoa do I hate that kid."
  • (cat counselor blows whistle; race starts and everyone hops into their canoes; water gushes into the campers' canoes while D.O.O.M. paddles away to the finish)
  • Snaptrap: "So long suckers.. I mean sinkers!" (evil laugh)
  • Dudley: (jumps off tree; to Kitty) "You find the burn cream button, and I'll save the campers!"
  • (swims to campers' canoes; dives underneath and plugs the leaks with pieces of his unicorn figurine; returns to surface)
  • (campers cheer)
  • Dudley: "You're safe kids! Now go win that race!" (campers paddle on) "Why do I smell wet dog?"
  • (quick cut to Kitty)
  • Kitty: "Now to take care of Snaptrap."
  • (switches direction of sign at the fork in the river to the left, leading Snaptrap astray; switches it back to the right, letting the campers to reach the finish)
  • Snaptrap: "Hear that roar? It's the crowd cheering us on as cross the finish line!"
  • Ollie: "Actually I think that's the roar of a large, deadly waterfall."
  • Snaptrap: "That's stupid. Why would a waterfall cheer us on?"
  • (D.O.O.M. falls down waterfall; re-emerge at surface)
  • Snaptrap: "Why do I smell wet rat?"
  • (transition to campers, Kitty, Dudley and Snaptrap gathered around camp fire)
  • Camp Counselor: (now aged) "Alright kids, it's time for the big moment. The winner of the Camp Champ Award is..everyone but Verminious Snaptrap!"
  • (campers cheer)
  • Snaptrap: "That tears it! Ollie, we're doing your thing!"
  • (transition to campers; Dudley and Kitty roasting marshmallows)
  • Snaptrap: (via megaphone; D.O.O.M. standing in front of 88¢ store with missiles ready to fire) "Attention campers! It is I, Verminious Snaptrap. You've humiliated me for the last time. I've sealed the camp gates, and in two minutes I'm gonna blow up the dynamite factory and the nuclear reactor! The explosions will vaporize you all! Especially you Pete."
  • Pete: (whimpers)
  • Kitty: "Dudley, we've gotta stop Snaptrap before he fires those missiles! He's all the way across the lake. I'll have to use the TRUST hang-glider. " (presses button, which activates a giant lamp, attracting insects) "Eaah! Australian killer gnats!"
  • Dudley: (presses remote key, fetching hovercraft) "Don't worry Kitty, I made a hovercraft in Arts & Hovercrafts!"(Dudley and Kitty board hovercraft; Dudley drives)
  • Dudley: "Can you believe it? I made this out of pinecones and pipe cleaners all by myself!"
  • Snaptrap: (at 88¢ store) "All we have to do is light the fuses on the missiles."
  • Ollie: "You'd think for 88 cents they would have come with a book of matches."
  • Snaptrap: "Don't be ridiculous Ollie, this is camp. If we're gonna make a fire, we're gonna rub two sticks together. Larry, rub two sticks together or perish!"
  • Larry: "Rubbing!" (rubs sticks together, making fire)
  • Snaptrap: (fuses are lit) "Excellent!" (evil laugh)
  • Dudley: (observing from hovercraft with binoculars) "Oh no! We're not gonna make it!"
  • Kitty: "If only Keswick's device would work. So far it only injures anyone who uses it." (gasps) "Dudley, that's it! We'll stop Snaptrap with that!" (loads launcher with T.R.U.S.T., firing it at Snaptrap)
  • Snaptrap: "Launching missiles in five, four threee.." (catches T.R.U.S.T.) "Hey look, a pocket knife. I wonder if it's got a melon baller." (presses button)
  • (T.U.F.F. jeep is activated and crushes D.O.O.M., followed by the buzz saw which cuts the steel supports holding the missiles and the explosive tent that covers D.O.O.M. and the missiles)
  • Snaptrap: "Wow, I've never seen a tent with a chandelier."
  • (tent explodes; missiles launch, propelling tent into the air and destroying it; Snaptrap, Ollie, Larry and Francisco are flung across the air and land in the lake
  • Snaptrap: (surfaces) "Hey, it's Agents Puppy and Katswell. Are you here to arrest Pete?"
  • Kitty: (cuffs Snaptrap) "Snaptrap, in the name of T.U.F.F. and Camp Itchy-Owie-Boo-Boo, you're under arrest!"
  • (transition to D.O.O.M. being locked away in paddywagon)
  • Snaptrap: "I shall now plot my revenge!"
  • Larry: "Revenge-revenge-revenge!"
  • Snaptrap: "You really don't understand the whole flashback thing do you?"
  • (paddywagon drives off; campers cheer)
  • Kitty: (via wristcom) "Chief, we stopped Snaptrap and his men from blowing up the camp!"
  • The Chief: "Good work, Agent Katswell."
  • Kitty: "Are you still in my house?!"
  • The Chief: "Oh yeah, everyone's here. This is the best party you've ever thrown." (people from T.U.F.F. are dancing)
  • Dudley: (still in camp attire) "Hey Kitty, we're making s'mores in your fireplace!"
  • Kitty: "I don't have a fireplace!"
  • Dudley: "Yes you do! I made you one out of pinecones and pipe cleaners all by myself!"
  • Kitty: (furious) "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!"
  • (transition to Snaptrap ending gag)
  • Snaptrap: I'm coming for you Pete!
  • (ending gag)
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