"Snapnapped (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 5
Snapnapped Title Card.png
Production Code: 103A
Airdate: November 6, 2010
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Butch Hartman
Director(s): Michelle Bryan
Storyboards by: Aaron Hammersley
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Story by: Butch Hartman
Scott Fellows
Music by: Guy Moon
Operation: Happy Birthday

This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Snapnapped" from Season 1. It aired on November 6, 2010.


  • (The episode starts in D.O.O.M. lair with Snaptrap on a television feed as he is making an evil introduction; he laughs)
  • Snaptrap: (laughing) "Petropolis, drop to your knees and bow to your new lord and master: VERMINIOUS SNAPTRAP!" (smiles)
  • (view zooms out to show Snaptrap actually holding a video screen-shaped piece of cardboard)
  • Snaptrap: "How's that?"
  • Ollie: (holding a cup of tea) "It'd been more frightening if you were on a real video screen, boss."
  • Snaptrap: (throws cardboard) "Well, we don't have a functioning video screen! How come none of our stuff works anymore?!
  • (frame zooms out to show D.O.O.M. headquarters littered with broken gadgets)
  • Snaptrap: (facepalm) "This is pathetic! Our vehicles don't run, (D.O.O.M. helicopter falls onto and crushes people in the background) our weapons won't fire (Snaptrap presses remote to launch bomb, which instead falls and lands on Larry, squashing him), and why are you guys sitting on rocks?"
  • Ollie: (sitting on rock) "We burned the chairs to cook weenies, boss." (Ollie and Francisco roast sausages on forks, over a chair fire)
  • Snaptrap: (takes weenie) "We can't defeat T.U.F.F. like this! How do they manage to remain on the cutting edge of technology?
  • (Someone imitates telephone ring, "ring ring")
  • Ollie: (points to phones) "Phone for you boss."
  • Snaptrap: (takes tin can phones) "Which one? Clam chowder or creamy potato?"
  • Mole: (speaking through empty creamy potato tin can phone in a French accent; Snaptrap listens) "Snaptrap, it's ze, the Mole.
  • Snaptrap: (speaks into can) "Mole, great connection! You sound like you're right in the same room."
  • (Mole really is in the same room, right behind him in a freshly dug hole)
  • Mole: (speaking into can) "I did some digging, and learned T.U.F.F.'s technology is designed by their genius gadget guy. I'm sending you a photo." (stands, walks over to Snaptrap and hands him a piece of yellow pad paper; Snaptrap looks at a poorly drawn sketch of Keswick) "Name's Keswick. We get him on our side, we'll not only have chairs, we'll have-
  • Snaptrap: "High-tech weaponry, and phones that don't smell like soup!" (empties and throws can away) "Brilliant! We'll capture this guy and make him work for us!"
  • (Ollie, Francisco, and Mole react favorably)
  • Snaptrap: "To the D.O.O.M. mobile!"
  • (quick cut to D.O.O.M. agents waiting at a bus stop)
  • (a bus arrives and they board it; as it drives off, Snaptrap laughs as he sticks a poster reading "...OF D.O.O.M.!" to the back of the bus; it now reads "BUS ...OF D.O.O.M.!")
  • (transition to Keswick making an announcement to his fellow agents in the conference room of the T.U.F.F. headquarters; everyone gathered at meeting table)
  • Keswick: (standing on table; talking into microphone) "Fellow T.U.F.F. agents hold onto your hats." (lowers glasses) "Uh, those of you not wearing hats, rah-rah-roll with it." (presses remote) " I give you, the Donutomic Atomizer!" (he chuckles to himself; machine lights up behind Keswick; doughnuts pop out and Keswick takes one)
  • Keswick: It creates delectable doughnuts out of thaagh.uh..thin air." (Snaptrap robots appear from ground; doughnuts are fired at and capture the robots, putting them away in a box) "It also captures a buh-buuh-buh-buh-baker's dozen of villains in one fell swoop." (smiling) "Quite possibly my greatest invention ever."
  • (Dudley, the Chief and Kitty are unimpressed, busy doing other things)
  • Dudley: (unimpressed, playing with Game Pup) "Does it make jelly doughnuts?"
  • Keswick: "Not yet Agent Puppy. So far only (twitches) g-gllll..glazed."
  • Kitty: (unimpressed, filing her claws) "Well, that's too bad."
  • Keswick: "Too bad? It makes doughnuts out of thin air!"
  • The Chief: (sips coffee, unimpressed) "But not jelly. Keswick, you need to make a jelly doughnut run." (pushes Keswick towards exit with robotic hand)
  • Keswick: (being pushed, grunts) "But-bu-but I have one more invention to show you - a high-tech security system. You can't leave this room without knowing the secret c-ca-c-c-codephrase. (pushed out of door) "Uh, it's a bit of a tongue t-tw-tw-twister." (sadly sighs; talks into security system speaker) "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers." (Keswick leaves; monitor displays "security system activated)
  • (transition to Keswick leaving the Dumpin' Donuts store in the city)
  • Keswick: (walking while holding a box of doughnuts) "How humiliating. Someone of my intellect reduced to carrying a buh-b-b-box of circular, fattening breakfast pastries!" (stops; filled with gloom) "Sometimes I feel like no one ap-prah-pr-pr-prah-pr-preciates me.
  • (bus "of D.O.O.M." abruptly arrives at bus stop; D.O.O.M. agents (and the Mole) jump out of bus)
  • Snaptrap: "There he is! The genius of T.U.F.F., Falswick." (Francisco, Snaptrap, Mole, Ollie and Larry applaud)
  • Keswick: "First of all, it's Keswick and w-waah..wah-what do you want, Snaptrap?"
  • Snaptrap: (puts Snaptrap hat on and gives D.O.O.M. mug to Keswick) "I want you to come and work, for me."
  • Keswick: (throws hat away and hands mug to Snaptrap) Ohoho, no way! It would go against my sworn oath as a tah..t-t-T.U.F.F. agent to work for the enemy.
  • Snaptrap: (chucks mug away) "Oh well, I appreciate a man with principle-NOW GET IN THE SACK! (holds out burlap sack)
  • (Snaptrap grabs Keswick by the head and stuffs him into the sack; he struggles and the doughnuts fall to the ground)
  • (cut to the D.O.O.M. bus taking off; Snaptrap laughs as image of jelly dougnuts on sidewalk shown)
  • (jelly doughnut transitions into image of clock at the conference room in T.U.F.F. HQ - hands point to ~9:06 am; reflection of a whimpering Dudley seen on clock)
  • (Dudley looks at his growling belly, which starts howling like a wolf then implodes; he collapses to the ground in pain)
  • Dudley: (holding stomach) "Where is Keswick with the doughnuts?! He's been gone for twelve hours!"
  • Kitty: (unamused; sitting, pointing to clock) "Uh, three minutes, twenty-one seconds."
  • Dudley: "In dog years, that's twelve hours!"
  • The Chief: "We'll find him with the T.U.F.F. tracker." (jumps from table and onto red button on instrument board)
  • (streetmap location of Keswick shown; video of his kidnapping plays - Snaptrap laughs, stuffs Keswick into sack while Ollie holds it; both run into D.O.O.M. bus and take off)
  • The Chief: "Holy hairpiece! Snaptrap's kidnapped Keswick!"
  • Dudley: (grabs the Chief) "AND THE DOUGHNUTS!"
  • Kitty: "We have to rescue him!" (trots towards exit)
  • Dudley: (follows Kitty; strangling the Chief in his grasp) "AND THE DOUGHNUTS!""
  • (security system is activated; the door is sealed off by a laser force field: Kitty, the Chief and Dudley run into it, electrocuting and knocking them back; ball rises from trap door, hologram of a tall and muscular Keswick appears)
  • Keswick: (recorded hologram) "Hello bad person, evil-doer or nasty villain. You've been trapped by a new security system designed by me, the muscular, tall, smooth-tta-ta-ta-ta-ta-talking Keswick."
  • Kitty: (sigh) "Great, how do we get out of the conference room?"
  • Keswick: "You're probably wondering how you get out of the conference room. Well you can't. You're locked in until an authorized (twitches) T.U.F.F. agent speaks the secret (twitches) codephrase. Have a nice day."
  • (transmission ends, ball returns under the floor; Dudley is panicky, the Chief is anxious and Kitty tries to stay calm)
  • Kitty: "No big deal, we're just locked in a room."
  • Dudley: "WITH NO FOOD!"
  • Kitty: (smiles) "What's the worst that could happen?"
  • (steel doors are suddenly lowered, trapping the three in a rectangular enclosure; a spiked wall from right end of the room begins moving towards the center, where the agents are)
  • Dudley: (looking at spiked wall) "That!"
  • (spiked wall from the left side of the room starts moving towards the agents - both spiked walls are meant to crush the agents; Kitty and Dudley (with the Chief on his nose) jump onto the Chief's TV monitor to take cover)
  • Dudley: (looking at other spiked wall) "And that." (everyone screams)
  • (transition to D.O.O.M. at their headquarters; it is pitch black - only the characters' eyes are visible)
  • Snaptrap: "Smellsick!"
  • Keswick: "Keswick."
  • Snaptrap: "Let me be the first to welcome you-" (pulls chain, turning lightbulb on and revealing everyone) "-to D.O.O.M. HQ." (light bulb momentarily dies, flickers and then dies for good) "Curses! Larry, get me a candle." (Larry runs off)
  • Keswick: (visible only by eyes) "Running away!"
  • Snaptrap: (holds candle, illuminating the room; Keswick is stunned) "You're not going anywhere! Don't make me use this!" (aims soup can at Keswick)
  • Keswick: "Is that a soup can?"
  • Snaptrap: (relents, then breaks into tears and falls to the ground) "Yes!" (sulks) "It's pathetic, I know." (begs at Keswick's feet) "Please don't leave! Pleeaase! You're the muscular, tall and genius smooth-talking techno-wizard we need!" (threateningly to his minions) "The rest of you, suck up to Smellsick or perish! (they run to the foreground)
  • (cut; Snaptrap, Francisco, Larry, Mole and Ollie cheer "Smellsick! Smellsick! Smellsick!)
  • Keswick: (smiles, then blushes) "Oh alright, I suppose I could help fix the pluh-place up a little. I'll need plasma rods, hydro spanners, uranium isotopes and a quantum g-g-generator.
  • Larry: (holds cans and points at shark tank) "We have soup cans and a shark tank."
  • (sharks wave hello with their fins)
  • Keswick: "Uh-cl-cl-close enough." (pushes everyone outside) Okay, everyone out."
  • (Keswick shuts door behind him and sets himself to work; emanating rays of light can be seen from the door and the noise of machinery can be heard by the Snaptrap and his henchmen; momentarily, Keswick emerges from the door of the revamped D.O.O.M. headquarters)
  • Keswick: "Ladies and guh-guh-gentlemen.."
  • Ollie: "Uh, ladies don't really talk to us."
  • Keswick: "Yeah I feel you man. Anyway, I am pleased to present.. the new D.O.O.M.!
  • (smoke clears; Snaptrap is amazed and walks inside; view zooms out to show new headquarters; large room, computers and doomsday device are at center; sharks swim underneath glass floor; soup can flies past)
  • Snaptrap: "It's so beautiful!"
  • All D.O.O.M.: (lifting Keswick and throwing him up in celebration) "Hurray for Feldman! Hip hip hurray! Hip hip hurray!"
  • Snaptrap: (holding Keswick) "You're a genius! Have a doughnut." (cut; walks with Keswick) "Fizzbick, do you think you could build me, a doomsday device, to destroy T.U.F.F.? (pulls out photo of Kitty, Chief, Keswick and Dudley) "After all, they never appreciated your genius in the first place." (hands to Keswick)
  • Keswick: (holds; hesitant; looks at it) "Well, I don't know.. they're my fa-fa-family, they're my fa-fa-friends."
  • Snaptrap: "C'mon Flipswitch, you know they never appreciated the way we do."
  • All D.O.O.M.: "Fizzbick! Fizzbick! Fizzbick!"
  • Keswick: (sinister smile) "Maybe they'll appreciate me now. (chuckles; normal) "Well, I can't resist a good chant. One doomsday device, cah-c-coming up." (shakes Snaptrap's hand)
  • (transition to T.U.F.F. headquarters; Dudley, Kitty and Chief are still stuck in conference room, clinging onto his monitor for safety; walls of room are folding onto them as spikes draw nearer)
  • The Chief: "Keswick said there was a secret code phrase! He must have used it to get out of here!" (jumps off Dudley's nose and flips switch; video of Keswick plays on his monitor)
  • Keswick: (video) "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers."
  • Dudley: (jumps off monitor) "That's easy!" (desperate) ”Peter Pooper piped a pot of purple peppers!” (nothing happens)
  • Kitty: ”No, Let Me!” “Peter Paper Peeled a Pouch of Plastic Pappies”!
  • The Chief: “Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa, Pee Pee Pa Pa, Pee Pee Pa Pa!“ (Crashes TV) “(Groans) I Thought I Nailed That.” (The Conferences Room Closes In Any Seconds). “Kitty, Dudley, Focus!”
  • Dudley and Kitty: “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers.”
  • Keswick: (recorded) "Code uh-phrase, accepted."
  • (The spiked walls retract opened revealing, And their Heads Are Turn Back To normal But their bodies have holes on it)
  • Dudley: "Toff the T.O.O.F. Mobile!"
  • Kitty: "You Mean, “To The T.U.F.F. Mobile”."
  • Dudley: "I thought I nailed that."
  • (cut to new D.O.O.M. headquarters; dressed in an evil outfit, Keswick stands in front of the six-dollar burger vending machine; Ollie, Mole, Snaptrap and Francisco are relaxing on hovering lawn chairs; they hover towards him)
  • Snaptrap: (on lounge chair) "We love these floating lawn chairs Fizzmick. And that doomsday device is the cat's pajamas!
  • Keswick: "Hoho-oh, this isn't the duh-d-d-duh-doomsday device-" (points to doomsday device reminiscent of the Donutomic Atomizer, behind Snaptrap) "-that's the doomsday device." (walks to vending machine) "This just makes six d-duh-d-d-dollar hamburgers. But you need exact change." (feeds six dollar note into machine; hamburger drops out)
  • Snaptrap: (takes hamburger) "Fabulous! Every other criminal in town, is gonna be sooo jealous. (munches on hamburger)
  • Keswick: "Hey, why not invite some other criminals over for a party? You could rub your success r-rah-rah-right in their faces."
  • Snaptrap: "I like the cut of your jib. Great idea! We'll invite the entire Petropolis underworld. Maybe some of the lady villains, will even start to dig us!"
  • Ollie: (removes hat, teary-eyed) "Dare to dream sir, dare to dream.
  • (Snaptrap and Ollie are teary-eyed)
  • (quick cut to Kitty, Dudley and The Chief driving in the T.U.F.F. mobile)
  • The Chief: "Keswick straight ahead!"
  • (Dudley pulls up at D.O.O.M. headquarters building, in between a butcher and a pizzeria; the three kick their way through the door; signs read "Villain Party" and "Ladies free!", skull balloons decorate room and entrance leading into the rest of the headquarters)
  • Dudley: (sniffing) "I'm picking up something.. Soup... doughnuts, and six dollar hamburgers! Keswick's in paradise!
  • (Kitty and Dudley peer from behind balloons: a party for all Petropoplis' villains is being held; notably in attendance: Bird Brain, Chameleon and all of D.O.O.M.)
  • Snaptrap: (on podium) "Villains, creeps, weirdos, please put your paws and claws together for my new head of evil technology, Thalsmitch! (villains cheer for Keswick, who stands at doomsday device wearing his evil outfit)
  • The Chief: "I don't believe it.. (rubs eyes) Keswick's turned to the dark side."
  • Kitty: (sighs) "It makes sense though.. we never appreciated him like they do."
  • Snaptrap: "Now, to make you all super-jealous, Killswitch will demonstrate my brand new weapon: the doomsday device! (Keswick types at keyboard, activating the machine) "I'll set the machine's deathray co-ordinates, and destroy T.U.F.F.!" (deathray powers on, sets coordinates on touchscreen)
  • Keswick: "And I'll press the go button!" (readies finger)
  • (Dudley, Kitty and Chief jump out, blowing their cover; Dudley and Kitty scream, "NOOOOOOOO!"; Francisco and the Chameleon are shocked)
  • (depicted in snapshots: Kitty attacks the Chameleon and Francisco with her claws, Dudley karate kicks Ollie, Larry and the Mole and the Chief feebly tries to kick Bad Dog's foot)
  • (startled, Bad Dog looks down at the Chief, picks him up with his foot, and throws the Chief off his toe, causing him to bounce away helplessly)
  • (at the same time, Bird Brain, Leather Teddy, the Chameleon, the Mole, Larry, Ollie, Francisco, and Bad Dog leap at Dudley and Kitty; a brawl ensues, with the obligatory violent dust cloud)
  • Kitty: (momentarily free; bruised) "Keswick?! What've you done?" (pulled back in)
  • Dudley: (tugs at Keswick) "Do you have ANY food on you at all?" (pulled back in by Ollie)
  • (Keswick pushes red button; the "doomsday device" fires jelly doughnuts, revealing it to be an improved version of the Donutomic Atomizer)
  • (just as the villains are about to re-engage with Dudley and Kitty, the doughnuts affix themselves to their heads [three doughnuts trap Snaptrap as he tries to runaway] and fly into a box, carrying the villains and hence, capturing them)
  • Keswick: (on hovering platform) "One baker's dozen of villainy.." (Snaptrap pokes out of doughnut, covered in jelly)"..and they're juh-j-juh-jelly filled. Courtesy of true blue T.U.F.F. agent, Kellsmitch!" (strikes a karate pose, but hurts back) "Ow, my back!"
  • The Chief: "Great job Keswick! Every villain in Petropolis captured in one fell swoop! You are a genius!"
  • Snaptrap: (covered in jelly, half-trapped in doughnut) "I will now, plot my revenge!" (box lid closes)
  • Keswick: (to Chief) "I, couldn't allow Snipsnap-"
  • Snaptrap: (in box) "Snaptrap!"
  • Keswick: "-to destroy T.U.F.F., no matter how horribly you all treated me. I was playing them the whole t-tah-t-tah-t-time."
  • Kitty: (repentant) "We're sorry Keswick. And we promise that those days are over."
  • The Chief: "From now on, you'll just be a genius.. And Agent Puppy will get the doughnuts!"
  • Kitty: "Speaking of which, where is Dudley?"
  • (Dudley is banging at vending machine)
  • Dudley: "HEY! Does anyone have six dollars?!" (bangs hamburger vending machine more, causing it to collapse and fall)
  • (just as it is about to fall on top of him, ending gag plays)
  • (freeze frame, Dudley pokes his tongue at the camera as he is about to fall down)
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