• The title of this episode is a play on the word, "kidnapped".
  • Bird Brain and the Chameleon appear in non-speaking cameos.
  • When The Chief stated that Keswick has turned to the the dark side, he is referencing the dark side of the Force in Star Wars.
  • Dudley was playing a handheld game system called the Game Pup, which is a parody of the Game Boy.
  • Larry's role is slightly smaller in this episode as he was seen in the background most of the time, and had only one line of dialogue.
  • The Dumpin Donuts store where Keswick bought the jelly doughnuts is a parody of Dunkin' Donuts.
  • Despite this being released on November 6, 2010 as the 9th episode, It is considered to be the 5th episode in chronological order, due to the fact that Snaptrap did not remember who Keswick was.
  • In Keswick's evil version, he resembled Syndrome from The Incredibles and Doctor Octopus from Spider-Man.
  • In the Latin American dubbing, when Kitty says "You mean, to the T.U.F.F. Mobile!" Dudley says, "Eso, eso, eso, eso", which is one of El Chavo's catchphrases.


  • When Snaptrap is talking to his minions, he's standing on the table, but when the scene cuts to him as he says "Our vehicles don't run…", he's standing on the floor.
  • When the Chief is pushing Keswick, he's on the table, but in the next scene, when Keswick tells the Chief about one of his inventions, he is standing on the floor.
  • When Snaptrap grabs Keswick, the doughnuts are all over the ground, but in the next scene, when the Chief is using the T.U.F.F. tracker, the doughnuts are not on the ground.
  • How did the Mole get one of the soup cans from Snaptrap's hands if he was holding two of them?
  • If Keswick trapped Dudley, Kitty, and the Chief in the conference room with the security system, where did all the other T.U.F.F. agents who were shown at the start of the episode go?
  • When the Chief says, "I thought I nailed that." he's on top of his TV, but when he says, "Kitty, Dudley, focus." he is on Dudley's nose. Also, when he says "Kitty, Dudley, focus", Kitty appeared to have been missing her tail.
  • When Snaptrap takes out a soup can there is nothing on it, but suddenly there is writing on it in the next shot, but it disappears in the next shot.
  • When Snaptrap was at the Villains' party, presenting the doomsday device to the villains, he was wearing a tuxedo suit, but when he was trying to run away from the jellied doughnuts made by Keswick's doughnut launcher, he was in his regular clothes.
  • When Keswick leaves out members of D.O.O.M. to fix the HQ, when Larry looks at Francisco, Larry's eyebrows disappear, but in the next scene, Larry's eyebrows returned.

Running Gags

  • Snaptrap constantly getting Keswick's name wrong. (Flipswitch, Fizzbick, Feldman etc...)
  • Ironically, Keswick makes the same mistake when he calls Snaptrap, "Snipsnap."
  • Dudley begging everyone he sees for food.
  • Characters messing up lines, thinking they nailed them.

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