Sharing Moose
Gender: Male
Eye color:       Blue
Species: Moose
Personal Information
  Quacky the Duck
  Petropolis, CA
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kid Stuff
Voiced by:
Jeff Bennett

Never sneak up on The Sharing Moose!
Sharing Moose, Lucky Duck

The Sharing Moose is Quacky's main helper and muscle in the TV show called Quacky the Duck. He wants children to share (hence his name) and often gives information on how to stay out of jail. The Sharing Moose's actor appears to be doing community service since he seems to be from jail.



  • The Sharing Moose is part of a bowling alley in New Jersey.
  • With a criminal record, he shows many flaws in moral, having no problem in hurting little children and women, and even doing damage by fun.
  • The Sharing Moose may suffer from a nervous problem, especially getting really disturbed when someone is talking to him from behind.
  • He is one of the three supporting characters in Quacky the Duck to not have a name composed of two words that have the same letter stated at the beginning of them. The other two are the Arts and Crafts Badger and the Bomb Defusing Platypus.
  • The Sharing Moose threw a rock at Dudley in Kid Stuff and earlier at Verminious Snaptrap.
  • He is also known to have been chased by his parole officer.
  • The Sharing Moose's voice is made to be that of a stereotypical African-American.
  • Among Quacky's co-hosts, the Sharing Moose is the only one whose name is not even phonetically alliterative.


  • "NEVER rat yo' friends out to th' police!"
  • "And try not to commit innanet fraud! It's bad!"
  • "Don't fuhget ta' share!"
  • "Don't fuhget, Wolf. He'll do anythin'!"
  • "Curiosity killed th' cat or gave her a concussion!"
  • "Always inform yo' parole officer before leavin' town. Th' man will hunt you down!"
  • "I'm only gonna say this once. EAT HERE OR ELSE!!"
Sharing Moose

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