• The T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. song sequence, and Kitty and Dudley wiggling their fingers, are both parodies of The Brady Bunch.
  • Dudley prank calling Snaptrap was inspired by a joke in The Simpsons where Bart prank calls Moe with a ridiculous fake name
  • Agents Rodentski (when The Chameleon camouflaged his voice) and Agent Weaselman are both voiced by the show's creator, Butch Hartman.
  • This marks the first time the characters sing (though they don't sing individually).
  • The robot Keswick was building resembled The Iron Giant.
  • The weapons on T.U.F.F.'s first temporary HQ are Pizza-tipped missiles.
  • In addition to Schmoodled, the other words on the game board of Snaptrap are:
    • Cheat
    • Evil
    • Owl
    • Doomed
    • Udder
  • HQs the agencies used:
    • T.U.F.F. - Pete-Za Possum Party Palace, a coffee café, a phone booth, the ruins of city hall, the last non-destroyed building.
    • D.O.O.M. - Mrs. Yip's Salon, a library, a treehouse, a portable potty, the last non-destroyed building.
  • In the ending pose, there is something seen near The Chief's head that's somewhat similar to a cigar. This may be a reference to the original concept of the Chief which was originally to have a cigar, but because of the standards for kids' programs it was cut from his final concept. So far, it is unknown if this was a design mistake in the episode or it was intentional.

Running Gags

  • Agent Jumbo freaking out whenever Agent Rodentski was mentioned or appeared.
  • Missiles landing on the buildings that T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. were using as temporary HQs, with the buildings getting smaller each time the old one was destroyed.
  • Snaptrap and Dudley use the word "schmoodled" to describe being blown up.
  • Dudley prank-calling Snaptrap.


  • Strangely, after the missile strikes, it is said that all the houses and businesses were destroyed, yet the apartment Kitty is living in was not damaged during the missile strike scene.
  • When The Chameleon was disguised as Fifi in Puppy Love, he fell off the wall of T.U.F.F. HQ. But when he was Bunny in this episode, he could stick to the walls and ceiling of the office building.
  • In this episode, Doom-Mates, Mission: Really Big Mission and Candy Cane-ine, The Chameleon was able to change his voice. But in all other episodes, he couldn't.
  • When Larry bangs his fist, his holder is still standing, and then the camera goes to Snaptrap. But when it goes back to Larry, his holder has fallen over mysteriously.
  • When T.U.F.F. laughed at Larry, The Chief got bigger.
  • When Snaptrap was putting "schmoodled" on the Scrabble board, there were other words on it. But when he looks up, there are only five scattered tiles on the board.
  • Larry's tiles when his holder is standing are different than the tiles he has when the holder falls over mysteriously. And there are only four tiles on the board when the holder falls over.
  • D.O.O.M. says they are having pistachio ice cream to Agent Weaselman. But the ice cream they are having is pink, not green like pistachio ice cream should be.
  • When Larry yells at Snaptrap that "Schmoodled" isn't a word, he's in the chair closest to the shark tank. But when Snaptrap says he'll finish Larry's ice cream, Larry is in a different chair.
  • At Mrs. Yip's salon, before Agent Weaselman warns D.O.O.M. about the strike, there are other D.O.O.M. agents in the chairs next to Snaptrap. But after Agent Weaselman warns them about the strike, the chairs are empty.
  • At the library, Snaptrap's nails aren't painted. But when T.U.F.F. arrives at the office building, they are. (They were painted at Mrs. Yip's).
  • When D.O.O.M. launches the missiles from the library, there are only six. But when they're in the sky, there are more than six.
  • A possible goof is that every time missiles land after the library launch, the sky changes color- pink for T.U.F.F. missiles, orange for D.O.O.M. missiles.
  • After T.U.F.F. pulled pranks on D.O.O.M., their equipment isn't there.
  • Snaptrap rolls up his sleeves after the "Anita Bath" phone call, but when he grabs his blaster, they aren't rolled up.
  • When T.U.F.F. launches the missiles from the pizza place, the missile tops have a pizza pattern on them. But when the missiles are flying through the air in the next shot, the pizza pattern is gone.
  • When Snaptrap says he'll finish Larry's ice cream, it's Ollie's hand holding the ice cream cone, not Larry's.
  • When The Chief says they're expecting an emergency transmission from Agent Rodentski, the agents are drawn in color. When Keswick says the transmission is coming through, the agents are all blue. When Agent Jumbo freaks out about Agent Rodentski being a mouse, the agents are in color again.
  • When Snaptrap "schmoodles" Larry, they don't appear to be any other agents at the table.
  • In the T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. song, when the text says "Starring The Good Guys", Snaptrap's eyebrows disappear.
  • When Francisco laughs as Snaptrap kicks Larry away during the T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. song, he is wearing a long-sleeved shirt.

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