An outside view of S.C.R.U.F.F. HQ.

The Scottish Undercover Fighting Force, also known as S.C.U.F.F., is the Scottish counterpart of T.U.F.F. The agency was first mentioned and seen in Dog Save the Queen (under the name S.C.R.U.F.F., although Kitty still calls it S.C.U.F.F.), and was later prominently featured in Great Scott


  • "Scruff" is the synonym of the word "nape", which means "back of the neck".
  • S.C.R.U.F.F. HQ is a building designed with Scottish clothes and kilt and has bagpipes on the back of it. The entrance is unseen as it appears to be hidden by the kilt.
  • It is unknown what the "R" in S.C.R.U.F.F. stands for.
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