Agent Scarecrow is an agent of T.U.F.F.

Scarecrow first appeared in "Mom-A-Geddon." He appears when Dudley Puppy and the rest of T.U.F.F. thinks his mom, Peg, is going to make him quit. When Dudley says good bye to everyone and says he'll miss them, he turns to Agent Scarecrow and says, "I'll miss you most of all, Agent Scarecrow!" in a parody of the goodbye scene from The Wizard of Oz. He only speaks when everyone yelled "WHAT?", and cheered that Dudley was staying at T.U.F.F.



  • Scarecrow is a reference to The Wizard of Oz character of the same name.
  • It is unlikely that he'll appear in any future episodes.
  • This is the first T.U.F.F. agent who is not an animal. In fact, he is the first character to appear in the series who is not an animal.

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