Roger and Kitty in "Mall Rat".

“'Sup, bro?”
Roger, Mall Rat

Roger is Dudley's friend. He made a cameo, and has only appeared in Mall Rat. It is unknown whether he will appear again in future episodes. He was used once for a joke on the phrase "roger" - a radio communication phrase used to indicate that someone can be understood. Roger was in the mall headed for the Sun with the rest of Petropolis and was seen for a brief moment appearing behind Kitty.


Roger is blonde, and appears to be a dog. His hair covers his eyes and bears a resemblance to Dudley in terms of features (especially the nose). He wears a blue t-shirt with a pawprint on it and blue pants. He speaks in a Californian surfer dude accent.


  • Roger did not appear again for the rest of Season 1, and it's unknown if he will appear in Season 2 or again in the rest of the series.
  • Roger is the first friend of Dudley to appear.
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