• His voice is an impression of Bobcat Goldthwait.
  • He made a cameo appearance in Dudley Do-Wrong as a TV set in Dudley's room.
  • He gave out a lifetime supply of Bacon Cheese to all the winners of his contest and said consumers couldn't eat more than two boxes and live (due to unhealthy ingredients).
  • When Snaptrap realizes that T.U.F.F. agents cannot capture a villain while they're around kids, Dudley had Keswick dress up like Quacky to lure kids away from the scene in order for Kitty and Dudley to arrest D.O.O.M. for their crimes.
  • He made a second cameo in Bark to the Future as a poster in Dudley's room.
  • Unlike other villains, he, in his first appereance, wasn't seen as a villain.
  • In the first episode he appeared in, he had black eyes rather than purple. Despite this, merchindice based on him from the Quacky the Duck Show represented him having purple eyes in the same episode.
  • Unlike most cartoon ducks, such as Daffy from Loony Tunes and Donald from Disney, Quacky actually wears pants.
Quacky the Duck

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