Quacky the Duck
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Yellow
Eye color:       Purple
Species: Duck
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kid Stuff
Voiced by:
Matthew W. Taylor
For other uses, see Quacky the Duck (disambiguation).

Quacky the Duck, also known as Quacky is the host of a preschool TV show of the same name, who appeared in Kid Stuff. He teaches kids all about good deeds, like sharing and caring, arts and crafts, bomb defusing, and telling time. His speech makes him sound incredibly nervous and uneasy.

In Lucky Duck, he tries to get revenge on the network for having his show cancelled by destroying a satellite and getting rid of TV for good. However, things change when Dudley and Kitty get involved in his plan. In the end, Quacky seems to have a slight change of heart before he and Sharing Moose are caught by the two T.U.F.F. agents and locked in jail (where his show is continued).

In Quack in the Box, he and Sharing Moose are released from prison and start a fast food chain. They try to get revenge on Dudley by framing him for taking out the competition against other fast food chains. However, his plan was discovered and he was stopped once again.

He later appeared again in Lights, Camera, Quacktion when it was revealed that he lost his TV show and seek revenge on T.U.F.F. by framing Dudley, Kitty, Keswick and the Chief into thinking that he was going to make a movie and having them commit serious crimes such as stealing a truck, steal gold from Fort Ox and loading them into a ship to Canada. His plan almost worked but was foiled by T.U.F.F.

Quacky makes another appearance in Quacky Birthday, where he wants to shut T.U.F.F. down once and for all. He pretends he has a party room for Dudley's birthday party. Because of that, Dudley lets him and the Sharing Moose to take things from stores without arresting them. Once the T.U.F.F. agents are in his "party place", Quacky locks them in with dynamites. However, Dudley manages to save T.U.F.F. and arrest him.

In T.U.F.F. Cookies, Quacky the Duck hires Dudley to help promote his Animal Quackers. He was thwarted again by Dudley.

In The Good, the Bad, and the Quacky, Quacky the Duck hosts a TV show that pits Dudley, Kitty, Keswick, and the Chief against Verminious Snaptrap, The Chameleon, and Bird Brain. When the game started to get deadly, T.U.F.F. had to work together with Verminious Snaptrap, The Chameleon, and Bird Brain to survive the game show and defeat Quacky.

He is voiced by Maddie Taylor (the same actress who voices Verminious Snaptrap).

Quacky the Duck

Quacky the Duck
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