This article is a transcript of the T.U.F.F. Puppy episode, "Purr-fect Partners" from Season 1. It aired on October 2, 2010.

"Purr-fect Partners (transcript)"
Season 1, Episode 1
Purr-fect Partners Title Card.png
Production Code: 101A
Airdate: October 2, 2010
Villain(s) Featured: Verminious Snaptrap
Writer(s): Butch Hartman
Scott Fellows
Director(s): Butch Hartman
Storyboards by: Butch Hartman
Art Direction: George Goodchild
Music by: Guy Moon
Doom-mates (transcript)


  • (The episode starts at the Petropolis Art Museum; a pink-haired tour guide is leading a crowd of visitors around)
  • Tour Guide: And here's Petropolis Museum's most famous possession: the Kruger Rat.
  • Crowd: (in unison) Oooh!
  • Tour Guide: Made of rare ratamantium, legend says that when the full moon hits its emerald eyes, they beam a hypnotic ray that controls the minds of rats. (wiggles fingers theatrically)
  • Verminious Snaptrap [main antagonist]: (breaks in from the glass roof and drops down, supported by a rope; laughing maniacally) Precisely why I'm STEEEEEEALING it!
  • Blue Rabbit with Deep Voice: Who are you?
  • Verminious Snaptrap: Who am I? Simply the most EEEEEVIL mind in all of Petropolis!
  • Blue Elephant: Oh you, uh, Dr. Destruction?
  • Snaptrap: What? No!
  • Violet Hippo Lady: (excitedly) Oh oh! You're the Kangarooster, the-the bouncing bird who lays the exploding eggs!
  • Snaptrap: (sighs) I'm Verminious Snaptrap! Dirty rat and leader of the (holds the D.O.O.M. sign to crowd) Diabolical Order of Mayhem!
  • Crowd: (in unison) Never heard of you.
  • Snaptrap: Well, you will, for I will control Petropolis, now that I have the Kruger Rat! (knocks off glass case and steals Kruger Rat)
  • Tour Guide: Think again, Snaptrap! (rips off disguise to reveal a signature black jumpsuit. This isn't a tour guide. This is Special T.U.F.F. Agent Kitty Katswell!) Hya!
  • Snaptrap: Well... If it isn't Special T.U.F.F. Agent Kitty Katswell! (takes sword from suit of rat armor) Ready to lose one of your, nine lives?!
  • Kitty Katswell: I'd rather use my ten claws! (protracts claws)
  • (Snaptrap hesitates, then cowardly runs out of the museum, to Kitty's surprise. With the Kruger Rat, he runs to the D.O.O.M. truck - where his henchmen are waiting - and makes his getaway. Kitty follows him outside, just as he leaves.)
  • Kitty: Let's do this. (pushes button on her belt, revealing two boot thrusters that propel her forward, i.e. rocket roller blades)
  • (meanwhile, a hyper dog named Dudley Puppy jumps out of the "Chewtoys and More!" store)
  • Dudley Puppy [main protagonist]: Let's do this! (pause; Dudley's mother Peg walks out of store) Come on, mom, let's do this, do it, do it, do it, dooooo it!"
  • Peg Puppy: E-e-no Dudley. Not until you tell me what good doggies always doooo.
  • Dudley Puppy: (snaps to attention) Always tell the truth! Never take stuff the doesn't belong to you! And never chew your butt in public! (chews butt)
  • Peg Puppy: That's best two out of three.. not bad. Now fetch the new-
  • Dudley: (excited) CHEW TOOOY! (laughs; leaps at Peg and knocks the chew toy off her; it bounces down the street, he unintentionally kicks her against a brick wall as he starts chasing the toy)
  • Peg: (falls off the wall and onto the sidewalk; bruised) Such a good boy.
  • (Dudley frantically chases the chew toy as it bounces down the street)
  • (at the same time.. Agent Katswell is pursuing the D.O.O.M. truck in her rocket rollerblades)
  • Kitty: Let's play some laser tag Snaptrap. You're it. (presses button to activate missile targeting goggles; she locks onto the rear of the truck and is about to fire)
  • (chew toy bounces past Kitty; laughing is heard in the background.. Dudley pops into frame, still pursuing the chew toy)
  • Dudley: CHEW TOYYY! (unintentionally tramples Kitty in the ground while continuing to chase chew toy) YEAH-HEHEHE!
  • Kitty: (bruised; lying prone on the ground) No problem, just gotta disarm the- (rocket beeps; them launches right into the sky, dragging Kitty along with it; she screams)
  • (concurrently, the D.O.O.M. drives into a garage disguised as a dry cleaning store; the chew toy bounces into the building while the front wall is open - it quickly shuts; Dudley arrives just a few moments later)
  • Dudley: Nooo, my chew toy! (bangs on door) Open up! Solid steel.. no way in! (hears something falling to the ground) What's that noise?
  • (Kitty screams as she falls to the ground; she falls into the sidewalk; and jumps back up)
  • Kitty: You idiot! I almost had them. And now you're under arrest for obstructing an investigation of the Turbo Undercover Fighting Force! (pulls out T.U.F.F. badge and shows it to Dudley)
  • Dudley: (unimpressed) And.. you spit when you talk. Later! (Kitty is startled; slow-motion: Dudley jumps up into the air, bounces on the awning above the front door and backflips onto the roof; lands) CHEW TOYYY! (drills down into the ceiling with his hands and dives inside)
  • (meanwhile, Snaptrap and his henchmen drive into their headquarters; Snaptrap exits the truck and pulls out the Kruger Rat)
  • Snaptrap: We, have the Kruger Rat! And tonight- (runs over to supercomputer and brings up images) -with its mystical powers, we will control all the vermin in Petropolis! Who we will then use, to steal everything in Petropolis.. And nothing will stand in our way!
  • (chew toy bounces to Bad Dog - D.O.O.M.'s white pit bull agent; he curiously picks it up and places it in his mouth; out of nowhere, Dudley comes flying through the air)
  • Dudley: That's not yours! (collides into Bad Dog, knocking him back into a computer, destroying it; chew toy bounces away and he follows)
  • (Leather Teddy - D.O.O.M.'s grayish-blue bear agent - pulls out two bear traps by the chains and starts twirling them around like chain whips; the chew toy lands in his pants; a desperate Dudley takes him by surprised and headbutts him)
  • (Francisco - Snaptrap's alligator henchman - aims his laser blaster at Dudley and starts firing away; Dudley dodges the blasts as continues to pursue the chew toy; it lands on Francisco's face; Dudley jumps onto him, crushing him; the chew toy bounces out of reach again)
  • (silence; Snaptrap - with the Kruger Rat - is left standing as his henchmen have all been beaten up and his headquarters is a mess; the chew toy coincidentally lands in his hand; Dudley emerges, panting)
  • Dudley: (menacingly) Yo, rat dude. You have something that doesn't belong to you.
  • Snaptrap: (cowering; holds out Kruger Rat) Here take it! I surrender.
  • Dudley: Not that! (eyes chew toy) That! (bites chew toy off Snaptrap; licks it thoroughly) Ohhh, that's what I'm talkin' about. (embraces the chew toy)
  • Snaptrap: (holding the Kruger Rat; in relief, he starts laughing maniacally)
  • Dudley: (unaware of what's really going on, Dudley starts laughing too)
  • (Snaptrap and Dudley laugh at each other for at least ten seconds; as Dudley laughs, Snaptrap cautiously walks back towards the wall, activates an escape pod and rockets off to safety)
  • Dudley: (alone, stops laughing) Wow, what a weird and creepy dude.
  • (almost immediately, a siren rings and a convoy of Turbo Undercover Fighting Force vehicles drive/fly into the vicinity; Kitty Katswell follows)
  • (a flea jumps out of the T.U.F.F. surveillance truck; a camera trained at him feeds his image into a large monitor that extends from the truck.)
  • The Chief: What's goin' on here?!
  • (Dudley is flanked by Kitty on his right, and two T.U.F.F. agents armed with blaster rifles, on his left)
  • Dudley: (holds chew toy) Oh uh, long story.. My chew toy rolled in here.. and I got it back.. and uh.. guess it's just not that long of a story.
  • Kitty: (walks over to Chief) That's the moron who impeded my investigation, Chief.
  • The Chief: And how exactly, did you single-handedly capture three of Petropolis' most wanted villains?
  • Dudley: There were villains here?
  • (transition to T.U.F.F. headquarters; scientists are conduct research on Dudley: monitoring equipment is hooked to him while he runs on a treadmill, chasing his chew toy)
  • Dudley: (reaching for the chew toy) Chew toy.. chew toy.. chew toy.
  • (cut to the Chief, in a different room)
  • The Chief: (observing Dudley via monitor) Okay Keswick, what's up with the dog?
  • Keswick: (holding clipboard; observes supercomputer: Dudley's vital data is displayed on the monitor) His name is Dudley Puppy, Chief. He's the perfect combination of.. every breed of dog known to man: (images of each breed are shown) ..the fleet feet of a Greyhound, the sensitive nose of a bl-bl-bl-Bloodhound, with the bravery of a German sh-sh-sh-sh-Shepherd.
  • (meanwhile outside: while running on the treadmill, Dudley breaks free of the sensors attached to him, rushes off the treadmill and headbutts the scientist who's holding the chew toy just outside of his reach; he grabs it in mid-air)
  • Dudley: Hah! Got it! (bleats like a goat)
  • (back to Keswick; image of a billy goat on-screen)
  • Keswick: He's also got a dash of billy goat which I can't quite explain.
  • (back to Dudley)
  • Dudley: (sees laser rifle on counter) Awesome! Hey! Will I get one these cool weapons? (grabs rifle and accidentally starts firing shots) Hi-gee-gee! (scientists are hit by laser blasts)
  • Scientist: (on the ground) We're good!
  • Dudley: (lays rifle on the ground) My bad! That's on me! Right here, I'm gonna take that one.
  • The Chief: (jumps up) Five shots.. five direct hits! (to Keswick) Snaptrap's always one step ahead of us. This kid might just be the thing we need to even the playing field!
  • Dudley: (alarmed by his own tail) RAH! There it is again! (starts chasing his own tail in circles; stops) Oh wait. False alarm, it's just a tail.
  • Keswick: Or perhaps we should just keep looking.
  • The Chief: Nonsense! All he needs is a little more training.
  • (cut to what appears to be a small dojo in the T.U.F.F. headquarters: Agent Katswell is wearing a karate gi and cherry bonsais are in the background; Dudley, Keswick and the Chief are present)
  • Kitty: (flying kicks the head off a Snaptrap dummy) Hi-ya! (lands) Are you nuts?!
  • The Chief: No, Agent Nutz is over there! (looks over to Agent Nutz, who stuffs acorns into his mouth and runs off happily) But I AM the Chief and I say, you're gonna train ultra mutt here and get back that statue!
  • Dudley: (sniffs purple potted tree) Hey can we have capes or something? A cape would be cool. (starts biting his butt again)
  • Kitty: We're secret agents buttmunch, not superheroes. (folds arms; walks over to Dudley) I speak 120 dialects fluently, mastered all forms of martial arts and my claws..are lethal weapons. (strikes a karate pose; threatens Dudley with claws)
  • Dudley: Maybe you should register YOUR BREATH!
  • (Kitty grabs his ears and throws him to the ground; he grunts)
  • Keswick: Careful Kitty, he's party Chinese fah-fah-Fighting Dog.
  • Dudley: (gets back up; makes a karate pose) Beef with broccoli! Hi-ya! (flicks Kitty in the nose)
  • Kitty: Ow! (covers nose)
  • Dudley: (makes another karate stance) Orange chicken!
  • Kitty: (slaps him on the head)
  • Dudley: (kicks her in the knee)
  • Kitty: Ow! (kicks him in the head)
  • Dudley: Ow! (starts a slap fight between the two)
  • The Chief: (via monitor) STOP IT!!!! Now, (images displayed on monitor) Snaptrap's escape pod landed near the south-side wharf. I want you two working together to find the Kruger Rat and capture Snaptrap before the moon rises and he takes over the city!
  • Dudley: In the name of T.U.F.F. (Dudley and Kitty strike a karate pose) ..we'll do it Chief. (to Kitty) High five! (holds out hand; only for Kitty to strike him in the face - he falls over)
  • (T.U.F.F. transition to the Petropolis Pier under the cover of night; Dudley and Kitty break into a warehouse; Kitty kicks open the door)
  • Dudley: (tired and frustrated) Uh, this is the ninth spooky warehouse we've checked out, are we done yet?
  • Kitty: (acrobatically prowling around; whispers) Quiet! (leaps off)
  • Dudley: When do I get one of those cool spysuits, or a cape? I really think the cape is the way to go.. you know, a one with sleeves in case I get cold.
  • Kitty: (annoyed; clamps his mouth; whispers) Stop talking! Stay behind me, and don't bite your butt. I got everything, under control.
  • (metal cage falls onto Kitty and Dudley, trapping them)
  • Dudley: This never would have happened if I had a caaaape. (Kitty is annoyed)
  • (lights go out; they come back on to reveal Dudley and Kitty tied together to a chair, with triangles of cheese on their heads - covering their eyes)
  • Dudley: (sniffs) I smell cheese. There's definitely cheese nearby.
  • Snaptrap: (emerges from catwalk) Indeed there is! I'd like to be the first, to welcome you two imbeciles, to my Kruger Rat testing grounds! When I expose this statue to moonlight, I will control the minds of every rat on the wharf. They'll be hungry. They'll want cheese. You're wearing cheese! They'll eat the cheese!... and then..
  • Kitty: Okay, okay! We get it!
  • Dudley: Actually, I don't get it. Could you explain it to me?
  • Snaptrap: (puts glasses on) Now behold, the awesome power, of the Kruger Rat!
  • (warehouse rooftop opens up to allow moonlight in; Snaptrap holds up the Kruger Rat, causing green rays to emanate from its eyes; almost immediately, all the rats in the warehouse come under the control of Snaptrap, their eyes turn green; the rats gather before Snaptrap)
  • Snaptrap: (holding Kruger Rat) Welcome my rat army! I am your glorious leader! And I order you to attack!
  • (rats approach Kitty and Dudley from all sides)
  • Kitty: Okay, looks like this is a good time to start your battle training.
  • Dudley: But I can't see...
  • Kitty: But you're part Bloodhound, you're nose is gonna be my eyes. Now take a big sniff and tell me where to kick.. NOW!
  • Dudley: Right uh.. (sniffs) Scratch, six o'clock low! (Kitty kicks rats back; more pour in to attack them; Dudley sniffs again) Split kick at ten and two! (Kitty does a split kick, sending rats flying back)
  • Dudley: Now hang on! (Dudley jumps up, bringing Kitty along with him) Backflip!
  • (Dudley backflips, causing the cheese on his head to fall to the ground; he lands on the cheese, crushing it into a mush; he takes advantage of this by spinning rapidly, causing cheese to accumulate on the ropes binding him and Kitty; he stands up and lets the rats nibble the cheese, weakening the ropes in the process to the extent that he is able to break free)
  • Dudley: (breaks free) Quiche Lorraine!
  • Kitty: (rolls free) Why'd ya say that?
  • Dudley: (karate pose) I'm part-French Poodle.. also, I really kinda wanted some Quiche Lorraine.
  • Kitty: (rats surround them) Okay, let's get 'em!
  • (as depicted through a series of comic-strip like panels, Kitty and Dudley use their martial arts prowess to beat the rats into retreat; Dudley and Kitty walk out to see them leave)
  • Dudley: We are such an awesome team! (Kitty smiles) Now let's get me a cape, and some quiche Lorraine!
  • Snaptrap: (still on the catwalk) You do that! Because ya still can't get me! I, have the Kruger Rat! I will control the city! (laughs maniacally)
  • (Startled, Dudley presses the catwalk button on the wall next to him; the trapdoor opens, causing Snaptrap to fall into a safe box which then locks shut; Kruger Rat flies into the air)
  • Snaptrap: I will now, plot my revenge!
  • (Kitty catches the Kruger Rat, and covers its eyes to cut off its powers; no longer under the spell of the Kruger Rat, the rats come to a stop, puzzled)
  • Rat: (in a foreign European accent) I feel so... funky.
  • (T.U.F.F. transition back to the Petropolis Art Museum; crowds and journalists gather outside the entrance to listen to an announcement from the Chief; Keswick stands by)
  • The Chief: (magnified by monitor) It is with great pride, that Petropolis welcomes back.. the Kruger Rat! (Kruger Rat shown on display; crowd cheers) And, it's great to know that the agents who got it back, are out there right now, working together to keep our city safe and free of evil doers!
  • (quick cut to Kitty driving the T.U.F.F. Mobile down the streets of Petropolis at a very high speed; wearing a red cape, Dudley is enjoying the wind)
  • Dudley: (smug) Check it out, got a cape. Whaddya think?
  • Kitty: (sigh) I think you should pay less attention to the cape and more attention to me. I'm training you, remember?
  • Dudley: (smug) It's red.. it's a red cape. Hear it flappin'? (notices red button on dashboard) Oooh! What does this button do? (about to press button)
  • Kitty: (slaps his hand) Don't touch the buttons, okay?
  • Dudley: Well according to my shiny new badge- (holds out T.U.F.F. badge in Kitty's face) -I'm officially a T.U.F.F. agent now. And that means, I can push any button I want. And I want to press that button, right now.
  • Kitty: Fine, T.U.F.F. puppy, go ahead.
  • (Dudley presses the button, only to be ejected out of his seat and thrown into the sky)
  • Dudley: (flying through the air) CAPE NOT WORKIIIIIIIIIIING!
  • Kitty: (continues to drive the T.U.F.F. mobile; to herself) Maybe he's not such a bad little guy. This just might work out. (smiles to herself)
  • (continues to drive the T.U.F.F. Mobile into the city, just behind horizon)
  • Dudley: AAAAAAHHHH! (Dudley falls to the ground, crashing into the T.U.F.F. mobile and wrecking it)
  • Kitty: (in the vehicle, hurt) Or... maybe not.
  • Dudley: (pops out) I meant to do that. (collapses)
  • Dudley: I did.
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